Power Of Veto Competition Results! “She is the BB comic reigning champ YO!”

HOH room. Nicole and Cody.
Cody – I was just over analyzing it. They talk about each of the missing details in each of the comics. Cody – I knew I didn’t do good enough to win that competition. Nicole – but you got second right?! Cody – yeah but I knew I didn’t do good enough to win it. I knew someone was going to have a faster time than me. Enzo joins them. Enzo – yo they’re in the room strategizing already. Nicole – they’re going to try and get me to backdoor.. Cody – me. Nicole – yup. Enzo – yo, 11 minutes is f**king crazy yo!! Nicole – that is my favorite comp! Cody – yeah she won it on hers. She is the BB comic reigning champ yo! And she beat it again! She is the defending champ! She the Patriots when it comes to BB comics!

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“They’ll say I sat in the committee and did nothing for 65 days”

12:14 pm Christmas retells her dream last night when they all went out for tacos and got drunk “We weren’t sloppy we ere really funny… and I lost my shoe.. where’s my shoe and you were like on your hands.. your parents were there ..” feeds flip to Enzo playing with the balls throwing them into the basket. You can hear construction going on in the backyard.
When we’re back to the HOH conversation it’s more of the season 19 revisionist history from Christmas.
Nicole tells her there’s no one else better for her to take to the end other than Christmas. She’ll do whatever she can to keep her safe this week.

Nicole – people are stupid for not wanting to sit next to me I’ll just say that out loud. People in the jury will definitely question my game more than any other game because they’ll say I sat in the committee and did nothing for 65 days and that’s something they will say what did you do..
Nicole –

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