Cody – “Nicole is like I am throwing it [HOH] because they’ll go after Cody.”

8:06pm HOH room. Enzo, Nicole and Cody.
Nicole – so what is the plan for tomorrow are we telling him (Tyler), are we blindsiding him.. well not blindsiding since he doesn’t think he is staying. Cody – think the only one.. I think its blindside or you tell him. Nicole – and then it is going to be 3 zero right!? Enzo – hell yeah! Cody – cause its going to be like I’m not voting to keep you and then he (Enzo) is going to be like well alright Nicole told me she isn’t going to vote to keep you so what am I going to do?! Nicole – do you think he has nothing he can say about me really. Cody – no. Nicole – so should I just tell him? Cody – yeah. Enzo – he may say that all three of us are working together.. who the f**k knows at this point. Cody – I would just rather it be tomorrow.. just tell him like I’m sorry I just can’t do it.

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“I wouldn’t hate it the slightest bit if at this point of the game they made weeks like 4 days long instead of 7”

3:15 pm Cody and Tyler
Cody talking about Enzo and Nicole being up in the HOH last night until super late.
Cody saying that Nicole can’t sleep. “I feel bad”
Tyler says he was in the zone after the glass of wine “got the melatonin early.. I’m outta here. Cancelled the day.”
Tyler says red wine makes him sleep white wine doesn’t thin it’s because of the sugar in white.
Cody – I don’t f**Ing know.
They talk about the Guinness bothering their stomach. They complain about Guinness and stout beers.
Tyler – we need to play charades tonight. it’s the last night we can do it you can’t do 2v2
Cody agrees 2v2 doesn’t work but 3v3 does.
feeds cut. When we’re back Christmas has joined them.

Christmas – can we play charades later.

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