Enzo “I’m getting jealous of whoever is leaving this house! We’re here to the end YO! I think the jury house sounds good YO!”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas Have nots – No havenots this week Nominations – Bay & DaVonne Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani. POV Host: – David Power of Veto holder – Christmas Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto not used. Powers – Christmas, Dani, David Live […]

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Enzo about Cody and Nicole “they came pre-alliance”

1:08 pm Enzo, Bay and Da’Vonne
Enzo is pushing hard that Dani and Nicole are not their allies.
Da’Vonne says Cody has got to go points at Enzo and tells him he’s not taking Enzo he’s taking Nicole
Enzo – they came pre-alliance
Da’Vonne – not only that nobody is going to make her a two time winner so he’ll automatically win. Plus you’ll beat him flat.

Bayleigh points out that everyone in the jury will have seen through Dani’s sh1t
Da’Vonne says if it’s Dani and Cody together.. those people are not going to give Cody the money “Nobody likes the way he’s playing this game.. he’s made an alliance with every single person.. he’s going to take Nicole”

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