Bay “Sorry I have anger issues.. I really will k!ll somebody or I will lash out!”

Outside the HOH room. Bay and Day.
Day – are you okay!? What the f**k?! Why?! Bay – Sorry I have anger issues.. I am walking through the kitchen and I was already irritated because of the whole Ian thing .. so apparently he is going back to Nicole and saying I am so sorry it spiraled out of control and I spread all these rumors to Kaysar. I told him that Bay and Day were coming for me. And I made up a lie that you were the one that told me to do it. He just spills everything. And this week I thought that you and Bay were in an alliance and that you were conspiring against me. I just went off the handle. So I get up and I walk out and I am walking through the kitchen and Dani is staring at me. So I just go HEY, I don’t know what I did to offend you but I apologize.

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