Big Brother 22 – Kevin “He called me a racial slur to my face. He told me to go back to whatever country I came from.”

11:25pm In the bedroom. Kevin, Daniele, DaVonne, Bay, Enzo. DaVonne – how was it playing with Chima, Kevin? Kevin – She’s amazing. She’s a strong woman. Janelle joins them. Kevin – we’re talking about people kicked off the show. DaVonne – I would have loved to be a fly on the wall just for that week. Kevin – she didn’t throw it (her mic) in the pool .. she threw it on the grass and it bounced. Kevin – There was a player that was actually racist .. he called me a racial slur on the show.. Like not even suggesting. He called me a racial slur to my face. Janelle – I remember that .. the surfer guy right? Kevin – yeah.

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