Minh “I’m going to pray everyday that I get that next HOH.” Brooke “I feel like you would be drunk with power.”

10:46pm HOH room. Sheldon and Sue.
Sue – lets say that we vote to evict Minh and the second after Carol self evicts. Sheldon – which she would probably do. Who is down to evict Minh? Sue – Me, Vanessa, you.. Sheldon – Vanessa is down? Sue – Mmmmhhmm.. I just talked to her. Sheldon – Chris will do whatever we want. Sheldon – do you think the whole house would be down? Sue – if you wanted it .. yeah. And then once we evict Minh.. Carol can self evict. You have to tell me if I’m being too savage right now. Sheldon – it is savage but I am not happy about Carol going home. Sue – me neither but to me whether we evict her .. she is just going to self evict anyways.

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