Sheldon “It should be easy because the target is clear.” Chris “Do you want to make the five official?”

1:22am HOH room. Sheldon and Chris.
Chris – do you have things figured out? Sheldon – yeah, I just want your opinion. Chris – we have the same target right? Sheldon – yeah. Chris – Backdoor is the most efficient. Sheldon – yeah but who do you want as the other pawn? Who would we do? Chris – Carol. Sheldon – I am going to propose it in my talks tomorrow and there is a chance that someone is okay with it. And there is a chance .. its obviously the most efficient way to do it. Chris – we just have to convince them they are 100% safe and let them know.. Sheldon – that everyone is in on it. I’m sure someone will so I will let you know how all those conversations go in terms of people volunteering. I figure it will be late like tomorrow night.

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