Minh “I am really like scared of Kyle.” Sheldon “What kind of scared?” Minh “He behaves like a sociopath.”

12:20am HOH room. Minh is crying to Sheldon. Sheldon – what are you thinking? Minh – I am just feeling like .. i just feel along right now .. you know?! Like I feel alone in this house and alone in this game. And the one person that I felt had my back .. just got himself evicted. So I just feel like I don’t know how to move forward in this situation. It like never ends! It never ends. I was talking to Vanessa and said I just want you to know that I never talk sh*t about you .. ever. And she was like well I am hearing stuff today. Kyle said something and Carol. Then I went to see Carol and she was upset and thinking about self-evicting. She was like this place is hell. I understand where she is coming from because the first week was tough for me and now I am like feel like it is tough for me right now.

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