Jamar “I’ve got this guys own ride or die chick willing to flip on him! Tell me I’m not the GOAT!”

10:38am Bedroom – Vanessa and Jamar. Vanessa – lets just go out there and win it. Jamar – yeah we just have to win it. Lets just see who wins it. We will talk from there. I got your back. If people talk about you, I will try and deflect it. Vanessa – yeah, same. No one talks about you.. but if it happens. Never has your name come up. You’re playing good in that way. Jamar – yeah those 3, I think they are targeting you. They think you’re with Kyle. Vanessa – definitely. Jamar – that is part of their campaign right. Vanessa – that’s what I’ve heard. If you keep Micheal we’re going after Vanessa and Kyle ..blaa, blaa, blaa. Jamar – that’s why when they bring you up I try to be like its all Kyle. Vanessa – and he is the one that lied to them and swore on his kids .. this and that.

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