Nicole “If you need promise to take him to final 2 whether you decide to or not, do it!”

8:28pm Backyard. Cliff and Nicole.
Nicole – that is part of my argument with Michie.. pulling on the heartstrings. I want to be here. I want to be at the finale. And I understand that Holly wants those things too.. but I think its worth a shot. Cliff – I will try but that is why that won’t work too because everyone wants their family there at finale. With Michie I think it is much better to appeal to his sense of fairness, integrity. And make sure he knows that he might be questioned about those kind of things if he doesn’t do it. Nicole – I know his image is a lot to him. Cliff – yeah. Nicole – he pretends, I don’t care.. I don’t care.. because he always talks about that ring that he carries around and how he is lovable.

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“If you want to attempt one final deal. I know it’s far fetched and obnoxious”

1:55 pm Nicole and Cliff
Nicole says if Cliff goes to Jury next it would mean Holly has a guaranteed spot to final 2
Cliff – yeah I could see that
N – So if I walk out you know one of them won it if Michie walks out you’ll know I won it
Cliff – you got my vote no matter what
Cliff backtracks and says not ‘no matter what’ she deserves the vote. She deserves his vote.

N – I’m holding out hope that Ichie will get Guilty and change his tune
Cliff doesn’t think so “I really doubt it”
C – The only thing that will make a difference is asking him about jury votes

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