Big Brother 21 – Nomination Results! “It really just comes down to the veto!”

5pm – 6pm Jackson sleeping on the living room couches. Meanwhile in the bathroom.. Cliff is chatting to the live feeders. Cliff – I am proud that I’ve been a shoulder for people to cry on in here and maybe the voice of reason and sanity in a crazy house. I think its just the benefit of experience in life. I’ve got a lot more years on these people to have figured out what is really important to me. And this game is fun, its a once in a life time experience. I don’t want to waste it but in the end if I go home on Thursday of if I walk out of here with a big cheque. Either way its not as important as what I’ve got back home.. and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve already won. I’ve already got the prize waiting for me back at home.

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