“Listening to his campaign & being like Wow, yeah! You don’t need to leave and then I was like this is why you need to leave.”

8:30pm HOH room. Jess and Holly.
Holly – I listened to his campaign and I was like yeah, yeah.. you should stay .. and then I was like no this is exactly why you have to go. Jess – do you think that the consensus is that everyone is sending him (Nick) home? Holly – I am guessing 4 – 1 or 5 – 0. Guessing .. but I don’t know. It could be 3 – 2 or I could be surprised. Ummm.. I believe Nicole is deciding whether to throw a sympathy vote or not. The only person to worry about is about to walk into this room. He (Tommy) would be the only other person that I would be worried about. Jess – I would be very, very, very surprised if he did that. Holly – I think he wants to .. well I know he wants to.

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“I’m like really against breaking my word but if stuff is happening I might have to”

12:30 pm Nick and Tommy
Nick reading the bible Tommy organizing his things.
T – how do you feel
N – Chill .. I feel fine whatever is meant to be is meant to be.
T – AS far as my vote goes I know I told you like, where like.. my head was at in the beginning and you know I’m in a tough place because how the beginning of the week went but. I just want to say to you anything can f*ing happen just still campaign to me

N – OHH I am, I’m campaigning to everyone
T – anything can f*ing happen

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