Tommy – “HOLLY!!” Holly – “F**K YOU! EW EW EW!”

8pm Kitchen. The house guests are talking about the evil clowns they’re seeing in the mirrors of the house. Christie – I thought one was coming but it was the smoke from the mac & cheese. Holly – I was so scared in the HOH room by myself. Nicole – that’s what goes wrong in every horror movie. Lets split up and then they die. So we can’t split up ..we stay as a group all night. Good idea? Good idea?! The others agree. Jess – I will be the one that dies last .. I’m a v!rgin. The v!rgin always dies last. If they stay in the walls we’re fine. If they come out we’re dead.

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“oh my god are those condoms .. that’s hilarious”

1:05 pm Tommy and Jackson (planes overhead so parts are missed)
J – how are you feeling going into next week
T – taking it day by day. every day I’m scared.
T – my light is being dimmed with every person that goes out. I got to dig deep and find some new strength. HOw about you
J – Scared

T – it’s terrifying this game. You try not to be afraid of it. I have the same conversations with myself. This is a game the point of a game is to have fun. we play games in lif to have fun.
T – I find myself being scared and I’m trying to cut that out.
J – I’m having a blast. Alliances are f*ing shot
T – As far as I know there are no alliances.. which is crazy
J – Everyone has a plus one
T – I’m grateful being part of the group that ended up staying .. now we have more of an opportunity. with every person that goes out our odds increase.
Tommy brings up checking out the rule book to see how much money 3rd and 4th and 5th makes, “it’s 10, 75. 5 which is cool” (10 grand 7.5 grand and 5 grand)

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