Christie “I would obviously love to come off the block. Who the f**k wouldn’t want to be safe?!”

12:05pm HOH room. Jackson and Holly.
Jackson tells Holly about how Nick told Christie his entire plan / pitch. Jackson – she said that he wanted to know if he had her vote. Holly – wow! WOW! Jackson – I think we should get Cliff and Nicole up here and tell them and use it to instill some more trust. Holly agrees. Jackson – and keep them in the loop 100%.. so it could potentially drive a wedge between Nicole and Nick. Holly – maybe. Jackson – that’s not really the main thing but I thought it could gain some trust. Holly – maybe it would but it also might get back to Nick. Jackson – and if Nicole did that, then Nicole is screwing us over and then Nick is on the way out the door. I don’t think she would. Holly – I just don’t know what good it would necessarily do .. because them knowing that he is America’s prankster is whatever, it doesn’t really matter.

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“Like literally if noms stay the same I’m literally toast”

12:49 am Nick getting ready for Bed.
Nick to Christie – Goodnight I love you
Christie – love you
Nick – love you more
They congratulate each other for doing good int eh POV.
Nick – maybe you’ll come off
Christie doesn’t think she will “it’s a game”
Nick – you should thought (come off)

Christie starts to cry “nothing feels real”
Nick – you’ll be fine sitting next to me
Christie- you think I hate you but I don’t want you to go either. This game just sucks

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