“I’m blowing up his game. on Taco Tuesday at the dinner table.. I have nothing to lose”

4:00 pm Sis and Christie
Sis brings up parts of her conversation with Nick. Says she believes Nick’s story about not throwing the HOH.
Christie – it doesn’t even matter he’s making deals to throw comps
Christie – I’m blowing up his game just so you know. It’ll be really awkward for everyone. really awkward.
Christie – I have nothing to lose because I’m going home.. I’m blowing up his game right in front of everyone
Christie – on Taco Tuesday at the dinner table
Sis – ohh sh1t

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Power of Veto Ceremony results “noms are locked, Christie is going unless Sis blows up “

11:55 am Sis sand Christie.
Sis going on about wanting to win the HOH and put Holly/Michie on the block.
Christie calls Nick a snake.
Sis doesn’t think she can beat Tommy later on.
Christie – Nick is going to last as long as Nicole is in this game. He’s taking Nicole. I mean maybe he’ll take you I don’t know

Christie – you make one BIG move you’re good.. you win ONE HOH everyone wants to make a deal with you
Sis – I can’t be here without you, I can’t
Christie- Yes you can, don’t say that
Sis – I don’t talk to Nicole and I don’t talk to Jess. I don’t want to be around Michie and Holly.

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