Kyra “I’m not going to put up Adam. I still might put up Anthony. Mark is obviously the goal.”

10:22pm Adam, Dane, Anthony and Mark.
Mark – Even Este said there can’t be (a guys alliance). Este came over to me and Dane half way through the season and said so we were told there was a boys alliance. Mark does the pretty boys check mark sign. Dane – yeah Este crawled into my bed at midnight and asked what does this mean to you? (doing the check mark sign) I was like you look like an idiot. Mark – we think its Dane, Adam, Anthony, Mark, maybe Damien but it is probably just you four. And I was like that’s so silly. Dane – before she left this week she was like Anthony, you and Adam are for sure working together. I was like no. Mark – hey, what about me?! Don’t I get cred!?

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