Adam “Listen, if you use it [Veto] & I don’t put Mark up, how stupid does that look?!

9:30pm Bedroom. Mark and Anthony.
Mark – do you think they’re going to wake us up in the middle of the night for a POV? I could see them doing that. If you win, I know you’re not using it. Anthony – Ummmm.. Mark – you would use it? Cuz you know they would never put Kyra up. Dane is going to gun for it f**King hard.. even though he said he was going to throw it. He is in DEEP with Esti man. I know it. He already told me what his plan was.. he talked to me about Adam. He was like I don’t want to win this HOH the five.. because I want to win this one.. he was saying some bullsh*t and I wasn’t even paying attention.

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