Mark “We had an agreement we weren’t going to put up the boys right?”

11:05pm Dane and Damien.
Damien – it might be Mark and Esti though. (Nominations) Dane – yup. I wouldn’t understand how Mark would escape this. Damien – he’s snakey. Dane – how the hell do they come up with games like that? Damien – right?! Dane – are they still talking? Damien – yeah what the f**k are they talking about? Esti… I’ll kill you. Dane – she’s probably sewering me. Dane – yeah. Save her own bacon somehow. I don’t know what she could sewer me about but.. Damien – right.. because I haven’t said Anthony’s name once. Dane – me either. Damien – I told Adam today that if I won, I wouldn’t put him up. So hopefully he remembers that. And I meant it because you know who I would put up .. because I am pretty pissed off about that sh*t.

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