Cory “They’re trying to justify to themselves that Sam f**ked them over & its Ok!”

12:30am Bedroom. Cory and Anthony.
Cory – they said so many things about me being terrible to them… and none of it was justified. And they’ve got a bone to pick with you too. They were getting angry .. oh the hypocrisy! Anthony saying to me about campaigning for Sam when he is doing the exact same thing for you. I said I don’t know what Anthony is doing for me .. but chances are he knew about the same thing and he was getting angry that Sam letting someone fight for them where they were willing to just let them throw them under the bus. Well people throw people under the bus all the time! I was like I DON’T! I didn’t do that! Its like they weren’t taking in any of it. I think Kyra is dead set …like trying to convince themselves that they want me out.

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