Anthony “And because I have special mojo.. I dingled my dust around..”

9:22pm Backyard. Mark and Anthony. Mark – you know this is the triple right?! Anthony – yeah. Mark – two people are going home. Anthony – yeah. Come, lets go outside. Mark – I know who it was. Anthony – it was Adam wasn’t it. Mark – yup. There is no way Dane would be that easy going. No way. You know by the way that Cory is f**ked right? Anthony – yup. Mark – I’m the tie breaker, Cory is f**ked! Anthony – yup. Dane, Adam, Kyra. Mark – here’s the deal. There is no way.. this has to be the triple. Put three people up and then ones going home and then play another triple and put three people up again? I don’t buy it.

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