Mark “I want to make a ritual ceremony when we evict the last person”

9:20pm File room. Adam and Kyra.
Adam finds another box inside another box. Sneaky f**kers! Guaranteed there’s more. That’s 254! Unless there’s more. Kyra – yeah. Adam – Motherf**kers! Kyra – and we don’t know when they hid that right? Adam – I don’t know when that was hidden. Day 41 right?! Kyra – yeah. Adam – Sneaky f**ks! Pulled an Adam on an Adam. Probably why Dane left because he knew we were going to start searching. Dane returns. Adam – we just found another one. Did you do that? Dane – no. I wonder why that recorder is gone. Kyra – when did you find it? Dane – yesterday. Day 40. And now its gone. This f**king room is bullsh*t. If this means nothing I am going to lose my biscuit. Adam – nothin’ better to do tonight.

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