Adam “The second you say something that’s not your story right now, Cory is going to know 1000% we’ve been lying.”

10:50pm Bedroom. Adam and Sam. Adam – we need each other. We need one of us to win and we need one of us to win next week. The three of us proved that we can win competitions. She was like yeah, yeah I know. I am telling you this because just down there Kyra was telling us that we should just confess. F**K THAT SH*T! Sam – Okay. Adam – We’re in this.. the second you say something that is not your story right now Cory is going to know 1000% that we’ve been lying the whole time. Sam – I’m not but I was like Dane you brought up Cory’s name just like everybody else did. Adam – he is in there denying.. Sam – he was like I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was like alright.

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