Dane “Please blood veto, save Kiki & put up someone that’s not part of the alliance.”

8:45pm Kiki and Dane. Kiki – what can Mark offer people?! Dane – Nothing! Except he has the mental game down pat. Dude! Kiki – you’re smarter than Mark. Adam is smarter than Mark. Esti.. Dane – maybe I’m not smarter than him but he can handle pressure. Like I can’t stay in the kitchen when its hot. Kiki – he told us he has a fricken photographic memory. And he didn’t win that memory comp?! How does that happen Dane?! How does that happen? He is going to keep skating by. Hanging outside this house with Mark would be cool but inside this game I don’t see how he is beneficial for anyone! Dane – true. Kiki – because I am always going to go up before he does. Kiki – why does Mark feel so confident?

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