Dane “They’re talking about getting married! Its day 22! What the hell are you smoking man!?” Cory “She’s using him.”

10:05pm Bathroom. Kyra and Sam.
Kyra – just know that Chelsea is probably going home… in reality I am going to need to make other friendships. Sam – I understand. Kyra – but I still have your back. I will make sure if I ever hear that you’re a target… I will come to you. Sam – same. Me too. Kyra – you’re not supposed to make friends in this game… because this game is evil. Sam – it is evil. Kyra – but its too late.. Sam – imagine falling in love.. it sucks. Well you kind of know. Kyra – not like that. I definitely have feelings but its not like that. You guys (Adam & Sam) will actually see each other after.

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