Kyra “I am tired of being talked to by a child and an alpha dog.”

10pm Bathroom. Chelsea, Kyra and Sam. Kyra – he is saying that you did this and you did that .. but these are things that you didn’t do. Chelsea – everything is being twisted and twisted and twisted. Sam – lets just think for a little bit. Kyra – I’ve told everyone that I do feel betrayed in this game but she’s still my friend and that’s not going to change. So they think I’m sad because they think she used me. SO I am playing that but I still care about her. I am not going to f**king isolate you (Chelsea). I don’t f**king care. Chelsea goes to the washroom. Adam joins them. Kyra leaves. Adam to Sam – are they mad at me? Sam – we have to talk for a second. Just let me get more information first.

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