Dane “We might have to take her [Sam] out.. and it might have to be sooner than later.”

Dane – we just have to get rid of someone this week and then someone next week. We already have two targets in mind. One week here and the next week forward. So we’ll already be top 10 … or top 11. Lets just keep with the game plan. So right now lets all enjoy this and then get back to game. Adam then asks Damien if he can leave so that he can speak to Dane. Damien leaves. Adam – I know how much you love this game and I appreciate it. How many times did you try out? Dane – I never tried out before. I didn’t think I would be good on tv. How many times did you try out? Adam – five times. Dane – No one appreciates the game more than you and me. Can I let you in on something. Promise me this doesn’t leave this room.

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