“He can’t say nothing that’s smart that’s going to penetr@te me and my feelings.” – Tamar

7:40pm Kitchen. Natalie and Tamar. Natalie looks at the camera and says Tomorrow is a big day! Tamra – who do you think he would have put up? Natalie – he would have put me and Lolo up. Tamar – or Ricky. Natalie – or that … one of us three. Tamra – are they that mad at y’all? Natalie – I guess?! I didn’t bow down. Tamar – I feel like Lolo could have a boyfriend .. she is just stubborn. Natalie – yeah. Tamar – she could be half way down the isle. Natalie – we’ve got to find Lolo a boyfriend. Tamar – a MAN! a HUSBAND!

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