“The next couple hours we are going to be called to start the veto ceremony “

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers roundup..

Ryan is the Head of household
Jon was auto nominated due to twist
Ryan nominated Tom and the mooch
The mooch quit the game. Kandi tossed on the block up in his place.
Kato won the Power of veto plan on using it on Tom
Sounds like Jon is the target,

9:40pm Tom and Kato
They’re trying to figure out when the Veto ceremony is..
Tom thinks in the next couple hours they are going to be called to start the veto ceremony

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Tamar “Why do I have to be on every tv show arguing with people!? I didn’t sign up for that b***h!”

Tamar tells Ricky after Kandi leaves – I will not be a part of any negativity in my life. Anyone that is, has to leave. She just sat up here trying to make me look shady in front of her friends. And I’m sick of doing that. I didn’t try to demean anyone. And that’s that bullsh*t that she does and brings! And that’s why I can’t do that! That’s not fair to me. Ricky – it seems like a misunderstanding. Tamar – no its not. She is shady as hell. I am sorry. She will do anything to keep her and her friends looking as if I am trying to be negative or shady. Because that is never nor ever will be my intent. I am a girls girl! I have four sisters and a mother .. I don’t hate on anyone. We’ll sit up here arguing .. she’s been doing that sh*t since day one!

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