Big Brother 20 Nomination Results! “We’re going to get f**ked by a twist!”


Bedroom. Brett and Tyler. Tyler – we’re going to get f**ked by a twist! Brett – I just keep running hypothetical through my mind like what is going on. Like everyone is too hunky dory. Haleigh – goes whats the point of me even unpacking? I’m like, you’re right. Tyler – still got a veto. Brett – one of has win this veto tomorrow. Tyler – I’m going to. Sh*ts crazy. Brett – we have to start practicing days too. Tyler – agrees.

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“It’s so shitty.. but how do I not.. . The vetos there.. you know” – Kaycee

2:15pm Haleigh and Kaycee
Haleigh – do you want to talk before nominations
K – I haven’t really been talking to anyone.. It’s getting harder and harder..
H – yeah
Kaycee – Obviously like .. there’s not a lot of people left in this house and to get the least amount of blood on my hands.. I’m sure you know what I have to do
Kaycee hopes Haleigh understands, “it’s hard but how to I not? do you know what I’m saying.. to get the least amount of blood on my hands.. ”
Kaycee – it was the same thing with you get the least amount of blood on your hands put me up the second time.. you know what I’m saying
Kaycee – it’s so shitty.. you know I care about you it’s shitty.. but I mean.. the vetos there.. you know
H – the Veto is always there
K – I don’t have any targets I really don’t

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