Winston “Rachel is hell bent on keeping Sam now. Who the hell died and made JC KING?!”

Living room – Faysal and Rockstar. Rockstar – it definitely was a game affecting punishment like they said. Its better for our game to do Steve because he also comes with Scottie. But like it just sucks.. its a stupid.. Faysal – The way I look at it .. is if anyone was thinking about keeping Sam on our side for long term… I understand long term but for the short term its better to keep Steve because we need to keep the numbers. So if someone wants to spice it up and keep Sam it might just screw one of us and make one of us go home next week.

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Big Brother Spoilers “Don’t tell anyone they’re a swing vote.. Other than that you’re doing a great job.”

2:59pm Tyler and Sam
Tyler tells her Scottie Told Steve and Steve’s told everyone that Sam said Scottie and Kaitlyn were the swing votes.
Sam – is that major
Tyler – you can’t tell someone they’re the swing vote because then they’ll go tell other people that you think they’re the swing vote.
Tyler – don’t tell anyone there a swing vote
Sam – I didn’t know that was a bad word..
Tyler – that’s a bad word
Sam – ok
Tyler – Scottie has told you a million times he’s voting for Steve to stay so if you go to him, Hey Scottie your a swing vote he’ll be like What the F** why am I the swing vote

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“Steve can’t stand on 1 foot, I’m badA$$ as f* give me a chance to learn and I’ll master this sh1t”

Big Brother Spoilers – Ohh my goodness.. Very much looking for to see what SCottie will do with this information from Sam. I hope he takes her up on the offer. I’m not sure if I see KAitlyn flipping now that she’s back with the fromance.

12:32pm Sam and Scottie
Sam – I really like you.. we have common strengths..
Scottie – Yeah..
Sam – I think we should be some sorta Team.. in the event if Steve isn’t here and you want to work with me..
Sam says she’s not going to pressure him into being a teammate, “I’m looking at you as a partner not a minion.. ”
Sam says the vote might be pretty close and at this stage the votes are all unanimous. If you dec
Sam – How many people can do what I can do.. How many girls can get shot by a paintball and not flinch.. none of them
Sam – Steve can’t stand on 1 foot.. ok .. I love the man he has a family.
Sam – if you decide to keep me.. which means a lot to me.. Pinky swear is a big Deal.. I Pinky Swear to work with you
Scottie – If in the event the votes go your way

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