Big Brother Lite

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – BBLite Is Released Today Get Hooked up

1) Buy the Feeds here Uncensored Live Feeds Free Trial
2) Download BBlite Here Download

3) It’ll ask you to log into superpass with your feed account and BIAM you’re good to go (See attached image above)

A couple months ago we brought up Big Brother Lite as a lite weight alternative to the Live Feed website. There was some worries that the player would not be released in time but thankfully it came out today and it looks like a winner. As advertised all the features are there the only thing we’re waiting for is the flashback feature which should be available July 8th or 9th.

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BB13 Cast

NEW Houseguest Pics NEW Big Brother Live Feeds Website

There is so many rumors floating around the internets right now, especially twitter were you can find dozens of accounts tweeting out “RUMORS” and “Confirmed Spoilers” from people claiming they have inside sources or work for production. The general consensis of all these rumors is that Jordan/Jeff, Dick/Dani and Rachel/Brendon are coming back. We’ve already learnt that Boogie/Will and Natalie/Jessie are a no go which only leaves Harden/Enzo, even though I found Enzo entertaining Hay

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