Cody “At least if you keep me, I am at the bottom of the barrel and they’ll go after me.”

5:45pm HOH room. Paul, Christmas, Kevin, Jason, Matt.
Paul – Raven is telling me that they’re dropping my name. SO if I win HOH next week, I am going to draw that line in the sand. Kevin – so will I. Josh – same. Paul – now instead of them saying I’m caught in the middle.. I can say people have told me that you’ve said my name. Youre constantly caught in the middle of situations and now you’ve f**king lied in front of the whole house and f**Ked up. If we stick together .. we’re final 8. Its been that way for weeks. Christmas – since week 2 they’ve been flip flopping.

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Mark “I’m going to put him [Paul] on the block with Josh. If he wins veto, congrats.”

Elena – I don’t think we’re they’re (Matt and Raven) targets but they are easily manipulated. Mark tells Elena about his conversation with Matt. Elena – they would do what the house wants. Mark – its not the house its 4 vs 6. Elena – its really 4 vs 4 because Christmas and Josh are just blobs. Mark – they’re in the middle but ..Josh and Christmas are coming after us not them. I want to sit down with ALex and make sure shes good with you. If you and Alex could just clear the air. Elena – she isn’t going to clear the air. Mark – who is the worst person for my game right now. Elena – Josh. Mark – if you won HOH would you waste your HOH on him?

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Alex “My promises are worth more than any dollar amount & I won’t embarrass myself by going against it.”

11:39am – 12:04pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. Alex – in honor of Elena’s birthday I promised her I would not make her a havenot and because my promises are worth more than any dollar amount and I won’t embarrass myself on national television by going against it. As promised you will not be a havenot. Happy early birthday, I hope you enjoy your week. Elena – thank you. Alex – down to the rest of the business, this weeks havenots are the four house guests that went out first in the hocus pocus HOH competition.

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Elena “That’s what any person with a fully operating brain would have done. I could be a d**k!”

9:30pm Alex comes out of the diary room wearing a camping outfit complete with all the gear. Alex – HEY CAMPERS! WHO’S READY FOR AN ADVENTURE?! Alex heads out into the backyard to show the other house guests her punishment. Paul comments on how she looks pissed. She tells them that she has to wear the outfit, haul all the gear around and when she hears the bugle she has to pitch the tent and cook the hot dogs for the house guests for an entire week. Alex – this is me for a week so get your camping gear out we’re going into the woods. I can’t get help with anything. I need to pitch a tent in my pants whenever I hear a bugle.

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POV Competition Results! “Let them f**king sulk after finally having a shot taken at them”

4:55pm HOH room – Alex, Christmas, Josh, Jason.
Josh – This is exactly what I said! She is a greedy selfish player. She doesn’t care about nobody else. Alex talks about how during the comp Elena lied. Josh – we can sit on it. Its just for everyone to see. We need to sit and think about this because Cody is lethal and Elena we could get next week because she doesn’t perform well in competitions. Its clear as day what I said up here to you two. That girl only cares about herself and will throw anybody under the bus and go back on her word. You heard it, you got proof today.

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“It’s the nerves… it’s not from Gastroparesis its’ from my other disease.. the one that has no name”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:20pm Bathroom raven, Christmas and Elena
Raven – my mom told me before I came on this show that she’s like Look Raven you don’t know how many good years you have left do you really want to spend the rest of your life running a dance studio when you don’t know how much time you have left”

Raven – like go live your life
Raven – she’s like do all the things you want to do
Xmas – still need to make money :)
Raven – I agree
Elena – you’re making money here and you’re living your live
Raven – I see what you are saying there’s a lot of things I want to do with my life
Xmas – you’ll have meet and greets and lotsa opportunities after here.. like I told you .. you’ll have a fan base .. (hehe) and

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Paul – It’s all set… we don’t ever have to talk game for the rest of the week

Paul – that means I have energy for DOuble eviction I’ll keep you two safe..
Jason – if he pulls Elena down
Alex – then we put Cody up

Kevin joins them
Paul – It’s all set… we don’t ever have to talk game for the rest of the week

Paul – Should mark go before Elena.. cause at this point he has done more things..
Jason – I don’t care..

Jason now saying he would rather Matt and Raven out because Elena and Mark are easier to hang out with. Alex and Paul poo poo this idea they tells Jason he has to separate game and personal.
Paul says it was very smart “they” put Elena on the block because Mark know he has to use the Veto or Elena will go home.

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“Come back down to reality Like.. you’re not a legitimate real life gangster b1tch .. You’re scooting around the house”

Big Brother Spoilers 1:40am Elena and Mark
Elena says she feels pretty safe.. Elena says Ideally Cody wins the veto takes her down but it wouldn’t look good in front of the house. “It would have to be well executed with my speech”

Mark says once Cody is gone they are the targets.
Elena says that Paul has reassured her that after Cody is out everyone has side agenda’s

Elena – I know Paul has a deal with JAson and Alex.
Elena wants to call Jason out on it.

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Nomination Results! “You don’t take on someone that has 7 years of mix martial arts training!”

7:12pm The live feeds return – In the bedroom – Jason and Josh wrestle and then Josh tries to take on Paul. Paul puts him in a “figure 8”. Paul – you don’t take on someone that has 7 years of mix martial arts training. Alex – where is everyone? Paul – beating off! Paul – I really hope this year we have a how bad do you want it Comp. Punishments and stuff. Elena explains how its a points comp where whoever has the most points wins the veto. There are punishments that increase your points and rewards that decrease your points.

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Mark “I should have voted your a$$ out week one! Christmas “I’m glad you have the safety this week honey!”

Mark – is that what you told Alex at the top of the stairs. (That he was talking game with Cody asking if he threw the Temptation Safety Comp.) Christmas – it is what I told her. Does that bother you? Mark – a little bit. Mark walks away. In the kitchen. Christmas – that was my observation that you were talking game with Cody. Mark – why whisper? You might as well just tell everyone. Christmas – were you not in the APSR room talking game with Cody? It was about whether or not he threw it. Mark – that’s game? Asking why you threw a competition. So why not just bring it up in front of everyone?

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Paul – Matt and Raven are too sissy to do anything crazy..

Big Brother Spoilers Kevin and Paul in the APSR
Kevin is nervous about Matt.
Paul – he won’t win nothing.. he’s playing the type of game where he doesn’t have to win nothing
Jason joins them.
Paul – he’s trying to be like Derrick or one of those f*s who just got to the end without winning so I wouldn’t worry about him winning shit..
Paul says when they put him up as a real pawn that’s when they send hios a$$ home

Paul says if Cody plays in the temptation he’s got a 1 in 10 chance to win in the veto he’s got a 1 in 6 chance. That is why if Cody was smart he would throw the temptation to Guarantee he plays in the Veto.

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