“let me shave your face.. don’t be scared.. just let me do it” – Sam to Angela

***updated ***

12:02am Sam and Angela
Sam – let me shave your face
Angela – NO
Sam – don’t be scared
A – hell no
Sam – just let me do it
A – absolutly not
Sam – you might be surprised and pleased..
A – no I won’t
Sam – you do it then
A – I don’t want to shave my face I’m not a man
Sam – it’s not.. it’s the same.. you would do the same thing in a spa I promise

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JC “What is going on with you & Angela? You have to tell me right now!”

8:30pm HOH room. Angela and Tyler are laying on the bed holding hands and chatting about random things. Tyler and Angela see JC coming on the spy tv so Angela runs to the couch. At 8:39pm JC rings the doorbell and walks straight in without waiting to be asked in. Angela – hey little girl. JC sits down and looks annoyed. Angela heads downstairs. JC – what is going on with you and Angela, you have to tell me right now! You have to tell me. Tyler – how many times? JC – you have to tell me.

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“America loves Level 6 we’ve been a very successful alliance. strong and loyal since the very beginning.”


Kaycee – America loves Level six we’ve been a very successful alliance.. from the very beigning
b – and we’ve been against all odds every time
T – every time..
B – nothing has been ohh this will be easy..
B – Battle back.. cool ..
Kaycee – we’ve been so strong and so loyal since the very beginning.. everything we said in between us is just between us it never got out of our F*ing circle..
Brett – other than Rachel
T – if only we had Winston..
Brett – guess who’s leaving because of that.. Justice is served..
B – I feel so bad Winston didn’t make it can’t wait to party with him.. Hope he feels the same..

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Kaycee “Did you tell her that you love her yet?” Tyler “Yeah, I proposed.”

6:25pm HOH room. Kaycee and Tyler. Kaycee – you know where I’m at. Tyler – I know. I never doubt it. Kaycee – You know you’re my number one. They don’t know about us. Tyler – nobody does. They dont’ have any clue. And Angela has no clue either. That sucks but. Kaycee – how are you guys? Tyler – we’re good. Kaycee – how’s the showmance? Tyler – shut the f**k up! Kaycee – did you tell her that you love her yet? Tyler – yeah, I proposed. Kaycee – you guys are good though. Tyler – yeah, just worried about people thinking we’re in a showmance.

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Haleigh “The only thing that could f**k me up is Sam. She is pushing me so f***ing hard.”

**** UPDATED ******

8:25pm Bedroom. Kaycee and Haleigh. Kaycee – how are you feeling about that? Haleigh – I don’t know. Kaycee – you should be good. Haleigh – I’ve already had people come to me like Brett and JC. Kaycee – about what? Haleigh – about if it stays the same I am good. Its literally a repeat of last week. Kaycee – you just have to keep your mouth shut. Haleigh – I’m not saying anything. The only thing that could f**k me up is her (Sam). She is pushing me so f**king hard. Kaycee – just (gestures keep your mouth shut), even with Scottie. Haleigh – I know. 100%! Kaycee – thats the last thing you need. Don’t say sh*t to him. They talk about how immature Fes is.

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POV Competition Results! “I should just go f**k myself! Like why am I even here!”

Bedroom. Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh – f**k dude!! When I sat down I got dizzy. Brett joins them. Brett to Haleigh – you were doing good. Yours was slippery as f**k. I was watching you. Haliegh – I really think they hit me as hard as they could with the pie. The greased up my lane. Just kidding. Brett – she (Sam) was like can you turn the water on again. Haliegh – she’s just a f**king b***h. I stopped talking to her the last 3 days. F**K dude! Angela – you’re fine! You’re going to be okay! Haleigh – I should just go f**k myself!!! Like why am I even here. Kaycee joins them. Brett – I think the technique for that was to start with the biggest balls first.

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[POV] could be anything it might be something you are good at “Like napping” – Haleigh

***updated ***
Big Brother Spoilers POV Players Picked: Angela is not playing Brett is hosting.

10:28am Kaycee, Angela and HAlegih
Halegih – this veto pick didn’t go great..
Angela – I know I wanted to get pick..
Kaycee says she’s going to get some nausea medication she thought she was feeling better this morning but she’s not sure now..
Halegih – I need to win this veto…
Angela – I want you to win .. you got nothing to worry about stay calm and have fun
Halegih – I can’t beat Scottie or Tyler
Kaycee – it could be anything it might be something you are good at

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Nomination Ceremony! “Everyone thinks Haleigh is the target now.”

*** Updated ***

HOH room. Tyler and JC. Tyler – did that sound alright? JC – yeah that was really good acting. Everyone thinks Haleigh is the target now. Tyler- smiles. JC – that was smart because if he wins then you don’t have him after you. Tyler – I know that’s exactly what I did. JC – good job! You’re learning. Finally. Tyler – I really like Scottie. It f**king s**ks. JC – I like him too. But he has never had any loyalty to us at all and he is a really good player. He has a good social game. When Angela was HOH I really though he was going to come to our side. And then he took all the info to those people I like Fes.

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“[Scottie] feels really comfortable.. he thinks he’s the pawn and Haleigh is the target” – Angela


Big Brother Spoilers Interesting how much they cut the feeds whenever Scottie talks about bayeligh and Rockstar and their conversations in the Jury house. Scottie and Haleigh are going up we all knew that.

2:04pm Tyler and Scottie
SCottie mentions that he had threatened FES before he left that he was goign to win the Battleback..
they laugh..
Scottie says during the BATTLEBACK competition it was easy for fes to grab the hanging balls and lean over to drop them into the tube due to his reach. it was his comp to lose
Tyler bring sup that FEs and HAlegih approached him and HAlegih a final 4
Tyler- that is the only reason I didn’t go on teh block and Angela didn’t go on the block.. they out of no where day 60 wanted to throw us a life line..
Tyelr – to make sure we would vote Scottie out..
Tyelr bring sup Haleigh telling him and Angela that Scottie was coming after them. “She was saying this before Fes put you up ”
T – I didn’t believe it. I was just telling them what they wanted to hear.. I made sure Angela knew that it was all f*ing bullshit
T – I knew it was bullshit but if everyone is voting out Scottie i am voting Scottie out to

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“It’s pretty much the same scenario as last week .. Scottie would use the veto on Haleigh if he wasn’t up there”

****UPDATED ****

Big Brother Spoilers There was a feed leak last night where Production asked Tyler what his nominations will be. He said probably Scottie and Halegih. All conversations this far with his level6 comrades supports this. Haleigh is trying to get Sam up .. LOL

11:19am Brett, Angela and BRett
Brett – Everyone’s waking up crawling out of their corners..
Brett – Scottie’s been in the DR for awhile..
Brett – have you figured out what the plan was.. Scottie and or are your thinking Scottie backdoor
Tyler – it’s pretty much the same scenario as last week

T – Scottie would use the veto on Haleigh if he wasn’t up there
T – repeat of last week
B – to keep the least amount of blood on your hands you putting Scottie up instead of someone else even as a pawn.. the reality is if you say SAm you are a pawn she’s going to wigg the f* out.

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“Do you know what your nominations will be?” Tyler – “Probably Haleigh and Scottie”

Big Brother Spoilers Via the Diary room leak Tyler says he’s thinking about Haleigh and Scottie on the block

2:54am Tyler and Angela
Angela – i’m so happy..
Angela – this week will be legit deejay vu for last week..
They start complaining about Fes’ speech and his comments about Tyler being kept on a Angela’s leash
Tyler- it’s repeat of last week.. I just don’t know who should go
Tyler says he’ll talk to everyone tomorrow.

Tyler – when it was Kaycee, Brett, Haleigh and I was like I’m good.. then they both fell
A – can you guys please just win a HOH so we can stop doing this..
Angela says JC is making her mad today it’s like he’s trying to instigate things.

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