Josh – “Paul, I have your back 110% but this isn’t the Paul game.. Alright let’s get Jess out.. “

7:09pm HOH JOsh and Christmas
Xmas says Kevin doesn’t like Elena at all
JOsh says Kevin doesn’t see Elena as the threat he does..
Josh -_ I asked him do I have his back?
Josh – Kevin’s smart but he slips up a bit.. He doesn’t know how to whisper
Xmas – Kevin has developed a relationship with Cody and supposedly you and I are included in Kevin’s umbrella with Alex and Jason. .. And Paul
Xmas – Kevin and Paul are very close..
Josh – I knew they were locked in
Xmas – when you tell Kevin something expect it goes to Paul…
Xmas is worried that the house is so calm about Mark using the veto.
Josh – raven and Matt volunteered to go up..

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Jess to Elena “Christmas does NOT like you.. understand that she is not your friend in this house.”

Elena and Jess talk about how someone in the house is going to win $500,000. Jess – if the finals were tomorrow and we had to vote on someone who is left in this game, I think Paul would win it. He’s playing a really smart game. Elena – same. Jess – as a gamer I would love to watch it.. as someone in the house I hate it. He is playing a really good game. He is winning competitions, he has a good social game, he eliminates people that target him. I think he’s got it. I would never vote for Raven. She literally does nothing in this house and it pisses me off and there are other people that see it. Jess – her or Matt are going to replace Matt. Elena – really!? And they’re leaning towards Matt.

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Christmas “This is going to flip the house but its Big F***ing Brother!!”

Kevin – what do you think you’re going to do? Cody – is there anyway to save Jess? Kevin – I’m trying but I don’t know. This is terrible. I know. She is one of the top two female players here. Listen man, I don’t want to bring this up but the ones that are going to screw you are the ones you took care of in the beginning. You know that? Cody – yeah. Kevin – I’ll look into that later. I’m not voting her off, you’re not voting her off. That’s two right there. All you need to come up with is two more but even if you come up with four he’s not going to .. he’s (Josh) going to vote her off. There’s only 8 of us voting.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Who the f**k is going to vote me out?”

Christmas – Cody is such a d**k. I was rolling behind him as far away as you are right now and he didn’t even hold the door open. I am on a f**king stroller you d**k! Josh – What an a$$hole. Christmas – super A$$! SUPER A$$! If “he” (Mark) takes himself off, you have to pick someone else to go up! Josh – maybe Raven. Christmas – I know she offered but I am too. Just laying it out. Who the f**k is going to vote me out? It would be good because then I could give my speech. Josh – no. Christmas – he is coming after me anyways. Its me you and Paul. So f**king take a shot because.. Alex joins them. Alex – I talked to him and I think if we ask he won’t use it. And I think we need to put the pressure on him.

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Power of Veto Players Picked! Christmas used her “Ring Of Replacement” to swap out Cody!

Josh – how do you feel? Jessica – I feel like I have one chance to save myself in this game and its do or die right now. No pressure! And I go out there and give it everything I’ve got and what happens was what is meant to happen. Josh – You’re strong. I don’t backdoor. If he wasn’t safe (Cody) I would have put him up too. You have the opportunity to play. That’s just the way I handle things. That’s how I play. Its just a game. Jessica – Yeah I know but this game has the power to separate me from the person I care most about right now for a couple of months.

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“Houseguests, Congratulations there will be no have nots this week except for Elena”

Big BRother Spoilers 10:07am Have nots..

Paul – you guys really outdid yourself this time.. (LOL there’s no slop display)
Josh – Houseguests, congratulations there will be no have nots this week expect for Elena.. Elena you will be the only have not this week.

Cody frantically grabs his stuff out of the have nots. They assumed they would be have nots this week. (LOL)

Cody – Thanks Big Brother.. we needed
Cody – I love this HOH..
Jessica – not yet..
Cody – not yet..

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Josh – all these people think I’m a dummy but they’re playing themselves..

Big BRother Spoilers 1:55am Josh meatball chat in the Head of household
J – Let’s get on a serious note..
J – where do I start
J – Jess and Cody on a personal note I want both of them out. They gunned for me, They made this game personal, We’ve been gunning for each other for weeks..
J – not that I don’t like Cody, we’re just 2 different people there’s a lot of things about his mannerisms.. There’s things about his character that I don’t respect that i don’t like
J – I want him out, it’s hard to live with Cody.. generally he boils my blood.
J – I like Jessica but when Jessica is with Cody she’s a different person, she targeted me, she has to go.. That’s personal
J – I want Jess and Cody out but also the house wants Jess and Cody out..
J – Jess and Cody are Paul’s targets and the house targets

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Nomination Results! “We have the veto tomorrow, who is keeping her awake all night?”

Paul – what the f**k happened up stairs and why am I being tossed in the middle of it. Elena – you’re being tossed in the middle of it because he couldn’t make a decision on his own and he feels like he needs to consult you. That’s the only reason. Paul – I didn’t have a hand in his decision. I only came to get you and Mark because he asked me. If you think I had a hand in it then you can tell me. Elena – I don’t think you had a hand in it, I think multiple people tossing my name around didn’t help. Paul – you shouldn’t have lashed at him. You know he goes weird with sh*t like that. Elena – I’m on the block either way. Paul – why so you think that I would throw you under the bus. Elena – I don’t think that.

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Big Brother 19 Week 6 Temptation Competition Results! “This girl is lethal!”

8:23pm The live feeds return. HOH room. Josh and Kevin.
Kevin – real quick you’re putting up Mark and Elena.. Josh – Mark and Elena. Kevin – and then havenots tomorrow? Tell me who havenots are? Josh – I’m putting up Mark and Elena right. Havenots – Matt, Mark and Jessica. Kevin – and for me you’re going to give me. Josh – you’re going to host the veto ceremony (veto comp?) Josh – this week whatever happens, just have my back okay? Kevin – I had your back when you weren’t the HOV (lol). Josh – you’re good. Kevin leaves the room.

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MEATBALLS! “I want to Backdoor Elena.. I’m not going to tell Paul anything.”

Big Brother Spoilers 8:18am APSR Xmas and Josh
Xmas – how you doing
josh – Good
Josh – whatever me and you talk about is between me and you not Paul not nobody
Xmas – 100 I swear
Xmas – I trust Paul there’s a group that I trust For sure..
Xmas – Paul has his own motives.. I’m looking out for your interests
Josh – I want Elena out..

Xmas – there’s already people saying there’s 2 HOH’s.. I know he slept up there.. I’m not saying separate yourself..

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Jessica “If this veto competition has a temptation with cash in it, I’m going to go for the cash.”

9pm Bedroom. Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – I have to say something.. if this veto competition has a temptation with cash in it, I’m probably going to go for the cash. Cody – absolutely. Hell yeah! If there is anything I’ve learned in this game is that you have to take what you can get, when you can get it. Jessica – MMMmmmHHHmmm. Cody – what if we both have the chance at a Vacation and cash? Do I take the veto to secure my safety so that you don’t have to sit here while the vote me out. Or do we take the vaca? Jessica – I think we should just go for the prizes and f**k the veto.. let the chips fall where they may. Cody – agreed. Jessica – at least if one of us is going for the prize.. then we should both go for the prizes because only one of us is going home.

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