New final 2 “Mythical creatures the Sirens.. we be talking to our men we be using”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey Cameron and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used on Corey. America and Cameron nominated
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

3:10 pm Feeds got to pound

3:51 pm Jag, Matt, America and Blue
Houseguests were shown something.
Jag – it’s something for the comp
America – I feel it’s for the game.
Jag – what could it be about for the game?
America says if could be for a double eviction.
Jag – why give us a heads up?
Blue – that’s a shitty heads up.
They are wildly speculating what tomorrow is. They wonder if it’s a house split like they had last year.
America – that was a crazy twist they hadn’t done before.
Jag leaves
Matt – I hope it’s not some bullsh1t that makes him (cam) stay. You’ve had your fun leave.

4:44 pm Blue and America
America – Anything between Us I want to stay between us.
America – I want to be here as long as I can whether that is with or without Corey as long as I can be.
America – I’m not going to give up my game because we are cuddle buddies
Blue – Us being in a situation with a showmance is good for us. We are not seen as the target. It’s also frustrating
America complains that she’s on the block because she’s seen close to COrey and Corey got in a fight with JAred.
America says she hasn’t been campaigning very hard this week. “Corey is going hard”
Blue – they don’t recognize it but they’re digging a hole (Corey and JAred)
America – I said you don’t realized it but you are doing too much
America – I know if it was just me and Corey, Corey would be going home. I Want you to know if Jared goes you have me.
Blue says out of Family style she wouldn’t team up with MAtt and JAg because they are too strong and are a duo “People are taking note they are both strong competitors especially JAG”
Blue – none of us are in a bad position in the game. I was on the block due to a default you are on the block due to a default.
Blue says Jared is going to try and take out Corey and Corey is going to try and take out JAred and they are in the middle.
Blue says she’s not saying “FInal 2” but… “Let’s do this”
America – let’s do this
America – we cannot tell the guys
Blue – absolutely not
America – did Jared tell you about his final 4? I just found out recently
America – Him, Jared, Cirie and Izzy they’ve had it since week 2 week 3 they were called the crossroads.
Blue laughs
They confirm their excitement over the final 2.
Blue – we need a kitty little name..
America – I’ve been thinking about this since day f***Ing one then you went and did some shady sh1t ..
Blue – I kinda alluded to this when we were talking about mythical creatures the Sirens.. we be talking to our men we be using
America – the sloppy Sirens
they laugh
Blue goes on about that Jared and Corey are crumbling but they are not.
They are calling the final two the sirens.
America – I’m never putting you up that’s a final 2
Blue – I’m never putting you up b1tch
America – we can do this.. Two bad b1tches
Blue says Jag is making alliances with everyone and she’s not cool with it.
Blue lets her know she has a final 3 situation with Jared and Cirie.
They get up to leave. Blue says they can figure out a better name.
America – I like the Sirens
Blue – I like the sirens too b1tch you know me.

5:14 pm Jag, MEME, MAtt
Going over what they saw during the 45 minute feed block and playing chess.
RE space ION.. Nether region…

5:36pm Blue, Jared and Cirie
Blue – long story short she said she wants to move forward.. She even said she wants to work with him (JAred) how much I believe that. She’s just covering her bases. Until something Crazy happens I’m going to want to keep her around.
Cirie claims she’s been trying all season to get to know America.
Cirie says Corey told her he wouldn’t put her up.
Jared and Cirie talk like it was them that were wronged by Corey.

5:38 pm Corey and America
Corey – I think it is a battle back that’s what it seems like right? Capital B one letter gap..
Corey says the only person that has a good picture of the puzzle is Jag. Adds that Matt and Blue “Don’t know sh1t”
America – Matt told me the entire thing
Corey – I need the second line I need.
Jag joins them.
Jag says MEME came up with the Zombie Idea..
They start wild speculation.
Jared says it’ll be a battle back. Cameron will get voted out and either have to battle back against everyone or it’ll be against one person.
America – I hope it’s not Izzy… I hope it’s Reilly.
They cuddle

6:17 pm Feeds on the pound.
7:00 pm Feeds on the pound.
8:18pm Still blocked..

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Just The Truth

Hope Cam stays by some luck.

Spot ON

I’m sure “production” will create a path for CAM to “battle back” since he is currently the only one that adds viewing value (and ratings) to the show. All the others are duds and idiots.


So whatever they watched had to do with the Netherlands? Cory puts together RE and ION as in Region? Or could it relate to the different universes in the house; Scaryverse, Humiliverse, etc? I wish we had more of a clue to what they watched. Maybe some of them will give us some clues tonight on the feeds.


Wow it’s been a while! Anyway I predict Blue and America have like a 3 week lifespan if they don’t start winning things. Love them, but they arnt likable enough for the house to drag them along.

This season so far ranks higher for me than the the last three season, but really hoping for a strong mid/end game!


yeah, other than 20, the past ten seasons have been pretty mid at best. don’t know i’d go as low as you on 22, but 19 is definitely near the bottom.

Carlito's Way

Loved BB20


3 weeks!!! It probably took Blue about 10 minutes to tell Jared, lol

Matthew schneider

Bleacherbum3 why would blue tell jared about a final 2 with america when it was blue idea shes going to tell on herself

Matthew schneider

Bruiser that will be the worst final 2 ever because america will be the 2nd 1 voted out tonight so a final 2 that lasted 24 hours


No veto episode next week. Does this mean there won’t be a veto comp for the upcoming HoH reign?


Could it be that they didn’t have time do one because the Big Secret becomes known? With so much commotion over that with all the houseguests maybe someone voluntarily leaves the house? Or who knows? Something to think about, huh?

Spot ON

I’m wondering if next week is when BLEW is going to SPILL THE BEANS on the MUMMA N SON team.

un autre nom

Here’s an issue that Jag’s methodology of Cowardly Lion is better suited than Cirie’s spider web methodology:
Jag moves for consensus approval to cover moves.
Cirie only tries to get the bare minimum with last second warning.
Why is Jag’s better when it comes to a flip? only future targets left out.
Why is Cirie’s worse when it comes to a flip? Creates more enemies.

As Cirie and Jared discussed flipping to keep Cam, they were saying so we cut ties with 4 people.
What they don’t know: Bowie has locked in more with Jag and Cory, and promised her vote to America. Bowie doesn’t play the dirty stuff in any of her convos.

IS there still a shot at a flip? ANYTHING is possible.
I’ve said 30% chances since Sunday. No better / no worse right now.

Matthew schneider

Un autre nom do you think the flip is going to happen i say no because matt,jag,cory, bowie blue are all voting out cam , so even if cirie, felcia and mecole thats only 3 . 2 would have to flip and you would piss off cory plus why would you keep a comp beast in the game are cirie and jared that stupid

un autre nom

Do I think it should happen? no.
Do I think it could happen? maybe.
That’s why I’m still only 30%. On Wed of most vote flips I’m over 70%.
I’m stuck on assessing what Prodo. wants.
My usual vision of prodo storyline is clouded this week.
We’ve got an alternate vs. a nicknamed problematic personality..
That’s grimace area.

Daniela Fitzsimmons

Anyone find it a little odd at both how short the HOH competition was and the fact Jared was put on the last spot and got half the slime everyone else got?

Queen B

I am not sure if the spots are assigned or if you just get in line and follow the leader. That thought has definitely crossed my mind a few times regarding Jared’s position.

Felicia's eyebrows

Hannah Chadha said on a podcast that players pick their spots.

Gan ainm

These are not the droids you’re looking for.


I don’t like Jared or Cirie. I think it’s not fair to have them on together. They have the upper hand because it’s a no Brainer they will share info with each other. Not fair for this much money on the line.

Spot ON

If the secret about MUMMA N SON gets out, I would like to see everyone walk out in protest, but that wishful thinking at best. Perhaps only with the exception of CAM, NOBODY there have the COJONES to walk out.
We’ll see CAM’s reaction when he’s told tomorrow.

un autre nom

Only reason I prefer Cameron leave? I noped him for grossly golden edit.
It’s the same reason I want Jared gone. Production hiding behavior behind Golden Edit.

Hate if you want, bur I’m consistent every season with noping. Behavior crosses a line? Prodo whitewashing bad behavior? Skeevy gut reaction saying nu-uh, naaaah…nope.
I’ve noped multiple winners. I’ve noped fan fave winners. I’ve noped entire casts (bb19).
This season I’ve been downright pleasant compared to massive hate-on nopes of the past.

Backseat Driver


un autre nom

A houseguest that pushes my Nope button is a houseguest whose behavior leads me to not wanting them to win.
It doesn’t matter if they are voted fan favorite because they got a teflon golden edit, I still don’t support that houseguest.

Queen B

There have definitely been fan favorites that didn’t deserve it.