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During the summer of 2007 two HUGE Big Brother fans got together and decided to start a website were we would watch the live feeds and blog about it. To our surprise other people liked the blog and our spoilers site has grown ever since. Out first blog was bb8spoilers.com later we started bb9spoilers.com and finally we settled on onlinebigbrother.com

Simon has been a Big Brother Fan since season 3 and a computer Addict since the XT 8mHz days.

We’ve seen Big Brother Blogging and the internet change drastically over the years. We hope you enjoy onlinebigbrother.com as much as we do.

If you have any questions i’m always up for a chat on google+


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  1. U r the feeds still blocked???? I wanna know who won the veto???? I hope it’s Jon and hope he’s smart enough to take out Neda!

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