Big Brother around the world – Feeds cut short for BB UK Fans!

Big Brother 10 UK

The Format for Big Brother UK is pretty much the same as Big Brother US with a few exceptions. Housemates are incarcerated in the Big Brother House and are allowed no contact with the outside world. Each week, the housemates take part in a compulsory task that determines the amount of money they are allocated to spend on their shopping. Housemates are instructed to nominate two fellow housemates for eviction each week. HouseGuests vote in privacy within a diary room. Unlike other seasons this year fans will not be able to call in with their own votes. Prior to the launch of this series, it was announced that the live feed, which used to air footage from the House throughout the day on E4, would be reduced to only seven hours of programming per day. Our mates across the pond also have obstacle that there US counter parts need not worry about. Suitcases are confiscated and the contestants set tasks, testing their fears and pride. The producers tend to pick a larger variety of houseguests from all walks of life, theres a mix of straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trannys, rockers, goth, emo, university students, blue collar workers, white collar workers and celebrities. Recently a houseguest has left the show simply walking out and calling it quits.


Big Brother Russia
Big Brother 1 started on 10 May 2005 and finished on 5 August 2005. It lasted for 88 Days. 17 housemates entered the House, with 3 housemates walking, and none being ejected (which is a pretty big shock). The winner was Anastasiya Yagaylova. To bad theres no plans for a squeal…

What happens when you do a season of Big Brother in Russia? Watch the video…..


Big Brother Brazil
Big Brother Brazil is hugely popular, currently on its 9th season. Some have accused it to being a softcore porn while others applaud its openness. The format is much like its US counterpart. Big Brother Brasil usually features 14 houseguests that are isolated from the rest of the world. They live together in a “Big Brother” house while having all their movements and conversations filmed by cameras. Their only regular contact with the outside world is the television’s studio host, Pedro Bial, but celebrity guest stars have also been introduced into the house. Personally I’m a huge fan of Big Brother Brazil… if only i could speak Portuguese.

Big Brother India “Big Boss”
There has been 2 season of “Big Boss” with a third being planned for 2009-2010. Big Brother India is slightly different than the others. Every week, each houseguest will nominate 2 other houseguests for eviction, They cannot nominate themselves. unless theres a medical concern it is impossible to leave the house unless they vote you out. Due to India’s conservative culture much of the “ranuchyness” seen on other countries will not be tolerated. Big Brother India also tackles the religious disputes seen in that region mixing Muslims and Hindus together.


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