Big Brother 25 Promo Commercial “Something BIG is Coming!”

With the official premiere of Big Brother 25 set for Wednesday August 2, we can only sit and wait for more information to be released. The below promotional commercial aired on the the Canadian network Global. And although its great to see these promo commercials there is very rarely anything that gets revealed as to what is in store for us for the upcoming season. This commercial is no different. No new information is revealed. Its just exciting to see we’re that much closer to getting to watching our guilty summer pleasure. Stay tuned!

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That seems like a late start.


Those are the dog days of summer which is fitting for what used to be an excellent show. Hasn’t been so, for oh, 6 years and counting.

Go woke, go broke…..The good news is BB UK is making a return this year.

Melted Snowflake

Didn’t the show use to start earlier than August?

Just a Guy

I assume the late start is due to the writers strike. Need to fill a void


Thank the WGA strike for the late start as CBS producers even said it was to help fill the Fall schedule as only new Reality shows are filming.


The show has actually started later and later (check out the previous years),

BBUS is on life support and is rather unwatchable and the producers have essentially destroyed BBCAN up North which is truly a joke at this point.

All will be showing on the BET channel in no time and then a similar new series can reboot on a less wokey channel.