Big Brother 13 headlines

Big Brother 13 Headlines – Weekly News Recap from the Internets (2011-05-01)

Still 3 Open casting calls remaining for all you BIG BROTHER 13 hopefuls.

“Waterford Park – Great Lawn”
Weds, May 4th 5-8PM 129 East River Rd. Louisville, KY 40202
Google Maps

“McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon”
Friday, May 6th, 5–9PM 134 2nd Ave. N. Nashville, TN 37201

“Mad River Bar & Grille”
Saturday, May 7th 1-4PM 32 North Market St. Charleston, SC. 29401
Maps to these locations are available on the BB13 Casting Calendar

Another week closer to Big Brother is a good week with just over 2 months to go the excitement for our favorite Reality TV show is building. Some early rumors of “leaked” houseguests have been confirmed Bull shit by BB13 Casting Director Robyn Kass. She tweeted early last week that there has been no cast members selected yet.

“All semi finalists have NOT been contacted yet. All calls won’t be done until the end of May”
“Still meeting people and watching tapes until the end of May. No finalists will be chosen until then, good luck!”
Robyn added that she hasn’t seen any of the hopefuls yet and confirms that all ‘Big Brother 13 Casting Rumors’ are BS

“Please do NOT listen to rumors, they are just RUMORS. I’m still a month away from choosing finalists! I haven’t even met any hopefuls yet.”

Premiere date of Big Brother 13 is July 6th, it’s set to air Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sunday. I imagine it’ll be just like last year were the Thursday show will be the only one to watch.

Big Brother News

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What no Brendon and Rachel news… whats going on here

Big Brother 13 headlines

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