Big Brother 12 – Week 1 Schedule

We’re getting damn close to Big Brother 12 Season opener on July 8th. This season is shaping up to be pretty sweet. The BB house is the best it’s been in awhile, the houseguests are going to be a entertaining bunch with a mix of both strategy players and clueless comic relief. The first week is always the craziest, think back to BB9 and the strip shows/orgies or last year during BB11 with Jordan, Lydia, Laura dancing around 1/2 naked like no one is watching… LOL what are they thinking


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CBS Big Brother 12 Thu, Jul 8
8:00 PM Big Brother 12 New
In the Season 12 opener, the 13 houseguests are introduced and enter the compound for the first time, and viewers learn that one of them is acting as a saboteur whose sole mission is to wreak havoc in the house.

CBS Big Brother 12 Sun, Jul 11
8:00 PM Big Brother 12 New
Nominations for eviction are revealed.

CBS Big Brother 12 Wed, Jul 14
8:00 PM Big Brother 12 New
The Power of Veto competition is held.

CBS Big Brother 12 Thu, Jul 15
The first houseguest is evicted from the compound and viewers learn the identity of the saboteur, whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc in the house.

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I can’t wait for this season. I’m a huge fan of Big Brother. Can someone tell me what’s going on though? I’m confused about the twist and stuff.