Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane tells them that he had a dream that Big Brother told them if they stayed in the house another 3 weeks …they would all win…

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10:45pm Hayden, Lane and Enzo are in the jumanji room talking about the wrap party. Lane is talking about getting hammered at the wrap party and finding out from his parents who talked shit about him in the diary room sessions. Lane says that his parents will start pointing at the other house guests saying him, him , her, her, him…HMm okay!!  Enzo says that he really hopes that Britney isn’t too upset and forgives him for some of the things he has said about her. Enzo says that he really doesn’t like confrontation, YO! Hayden, Lane and Enzo all try and go to sleep at around 11pm … but they mostly just toss and turn. Just after 12am Hayden is up and goes to the washroom and then comes back to bed. Lane is asleep but Enzo and Hayden have been restless.

2:20am – 3:20am Hayden and Enzo are still awake after hours of trying to sleep. Hayden tells Enzo that he can’t sleep and asks if Enzo wants to go make something to eat? Enzo says that he hasn’t slept at all yet. They both get up and head to the kitchen.


Hayden tells Enzo that he can’t sleep, he is hungry and Lane is in there snoring. Enzo and Hayden are in the kitchen trying to decide what to eat… Hayden suggest making eggs. Enzo says sure. They start getting everything out and Enzo says that he hates it when the lights come on. Enzo then looks at the camera and says we are just eating and then we are leaving!! Hayden is cooking the eggs. Enzo heads up to find out what popped earlier. Enzo looks around and then tells Hayden that there are pieces of plastic all over up there. Enzo comes back down and they start eating the eggs at the bar in the kitchen. Enzo finishes his and says that he’s going to make more because he is still hungry. Enzo tells Hayden that he is craving pork fried rice and that he gets it with prawns and chicken. Hayden mentions a restaurant that he loves to get pork fried rice from back where he lives. Enzo tells Hayden that Chinese food is the first thing he is going to eat when he gets out. They start talking about how good their final three dinner of steak and lobster was. Enzo comes back to the bar and starts eating his eggs. Enzo tells Hayden that there is just one more day left!! Enzo and Hayden talk about working out tomorrow. Hayden says dude it’s been 80 days since I hung out with a chick! Enzo says that he wonders how his dad is doing? Enzo says that he hopes that his dad’s treatment has kicked in now that it has been 80 days. Enzo talks about how he really hopes that him being in the house hasn’t been too much of a burden for his wife and baby. Enzo says that he doesn’t understand how she handled bringing her on the plane. Enzo wonders if the car that comes to get her will have a car seat for the baby. Hayden tells Enzo that he doesn’t need to worry about that. Enzo finishes his eggs and says that shit was bang’n!! Enzo and Hayden head back to the jumanji room.
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They wake up Lane when they come in and Lane asks them what they were doing. Enzo tells him that they couldn’t sleep and were up making eggs. Lane says that he could smell it in the bedroom. Hayden asks if it at least smelled good. Lane yeah. Lane tells them that he had a dream that Big Brother told them if they stayed in the house another three weeks …they could all win. Hayden says that’s a crazy dream and then says that he would stay for another three weeks if they could all win. Enzo gets up again and leaves the bedroom and heads into the bathroom and then comes back to the jumanji room. Lane tells Enzo to get into bed and that he doesn’t want to see him up again. Enzo takes off his pants and says that he is going to sleep in his tighty whities. Lane laughs and asks hey, what are you doing?!! Enzo gets into bed and says that now he can sleep…. Lane then gets up and heads to the bathroom and then comes back to bed. Hayden asks Lane what he is doing up? Lane tells Hayden to go back to bed. Hayden says take that tattoo off when you’re talking to me. Lane laugh and then gets into bed to sleep… All the house guests go to sleep…
6:40am Hayden, Enzo and Lane are all still sleeping …

9:15am They are still fast asleep..
SPOILER ALERT!! 9:20am Lane gets up and goes to the washroom … then goes back to bed! ..

10:35pm – 11am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We will be right back” screen. At 11am the feeds are still out…
11am Big Brother switches the live feeds back on. Enzo is in the bathroom waiting to get into the washroom after Lane. Hayden is in the kitchen cleaning up dishes and cooking eggs. Lane come out of the washroom, Enzo goes in … Lane asks Hayden if he is cooking some eggs. Hayden says yeah you want some…. Lane says yeah and heads into the kitchen. Lane takes out the garbage. Then comes in to the kitchen and tells Hayden that he’s going to lay out his clothes and that he thinks he’ll wear black slacks. Hayden says yeah…

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If some of you jokers didn’t believe that Enzo is a family man before, this article here should prove otherwise. Enzo is a family man. While having to come to term that he’s not going to win $50,000 or $500,000, Enzo is worrying about putting so much burden on his wife. And if that wasn’t enough, he worries about will they have a baby car seat for the baby when they come to pick up his wife and child.
All BS aside, Ladies and gentlemen, this is your winner in life right here. Enzo, aka, Da Boss!


Correction: While he comes to term of the possibility that he might not win $50,000 or $500,000.
However, I have faith that Enzo will win the $500,000.


I am not a fan of enzo at all, but I just decided I would rather see him in the final two than lane, enzo is a pig, but lane is just disgusting


he sat for the final endurance challenge for 19 minutes, seeing that shows he doesn’t want the money. I hope he ends up with nothing and the animal and the beast end up 1,2.


enzo got beat by jerry in that comp, in season 10 jerry lasted 41 minutes(jerry was 75 years old)
but I’m still want hayden and enzo for final 2, lane is disgusting


That’s right. That’s what it’s all about, worrying about the basic necessity for your child makes you a good father and a family man.
What the hell do you think a good daddy does anyway? Worrying about where the next party is at, and not coming home, or come home when he’s done partying? Not being around to watch your kids grow up, and care for them day in and day out?
You are way beyond ridiculous. Yes, fathers do worry about their children too, not just mothers. Good fathers anyway.


I agree. I always get the feeling that he’s giving lip service – saying what he thinks he should be saying. As people have stated before, he changes his attitude/plan with the slightest hiccup – it brings out the paranoia. I don’t get the feeling that he has any true depth – just a mimic/entertainer. And he knows it.


He should have thought about all that before he agreed to do the show. Having a wife and baby does not make him any less disgusting! NOW he worries about what he said about Brit?? Too little, too late…


If your dream is any indication of your wishful thinking, then Lane is a true friend. Lane had a dream that his brother told him if they stay longer, they all would win. If Lane is a friend of mine, I would do all I can to protect our friendship. This guy is going to be there for you.
They’re all good. Enzo is a great guy with a sense of humor. Hayden is young and still trying to find himself in this world, and he’s doing pretty good for a young man his age.
Reminder- Tune in Thursday and watch Da Boss collects his $500,000.

okc watcher

Dont you mean Wednesday? Wednesday is the finale…not Thursday


Yeah he meant Thursday because it will never happen. Enzo does not deserve to win!!!!


If you tune in Thursday, you’ll have missed the finale of Big Brother 12 cause its on WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE at 9 – 11 (EST)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curtain Call for BB

Unless you are related to one of them, you seem to care way too much for these characters.


I couldn’t agree more. Also, “HelloThere” must not have high expectations if Hayden’s doing good because he’s “young” and because Enzo’s a family man becaue he voiced that he hoped he wasn’t putting much burden on his wife; of course he is, unless you win 50,000.


First thing first, I do not want to see Hayden wins, but if he does, my hat is off to him. A young man his age, held himself together and played the game well enough to beat everyone in the house. Everyone who were older than him.
Let me ask you guys this? When was the last time you earned $500,000 for playing a game?
No, I’ll make it easier for you: When was the last time you got paid $50,000 for sitting around for 80 days?
It doesn’t sound hard, and it doesn’t sound glamous. In fact, most of you here say that this is the most boring season. And although it may be the most boring season ever, one of these 3 guys will walk away with $500,000.
What do you get out of it for bitching at them, and calling them stupid, and all those other names?
You got NATA!
Yet, you keep on running your mouth. At least they’ll get pay for running their mouth, no matter how stupid they sound.
I’m not too much of a fan of these 3, but the fact remains, what do we accomplish in hating them?
Da Boss will get his money tomorrow night.
Enzo, aka, Da Boss.



dont hate

get em hello there, let em know enzos the boss,


That’s NADA,btw, as in how much Enzo’s gonna win.


Yup, that too, NADA.


I care for these guys as much as I care for any other human being that I talk to everyday.
They’re people trying to get some cold cash in this bad economy. Each got 1 in 3 chances.
The days of hating is over. In one day, two of them will get that chance to get the big bucks.
So why don’t we just leave the hate at the door, and get ready to congratulate two of the top players?
It’s so stupid to be so negative day in and day out. For close to 80 days, that’s what you guys been posting on this forum. Now it’s time to let that hate go. Let’s get ready to crown the winner, and let’s the winner enjoy his glory instead of us sitting here poisoning the well.

dont hate

bra-gade!! bra-gade!! bra-gade!! bra-gade!!


I’ll be sure to watch on Thursday!?!


It was early. Typo..


oh god no not another 3 weeks of these guys, now another 3 weeks of the jury house would be interesting.


Oh, I wish the live feeds showed the jury house! I know they would never do that because we would hear them talking about who they plan to vote for…


Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest…I really can’t decide who I want to win—they’re all quite revolting.




HEY All of our complaints, about the dirty house, were answered!!!!! Yeeee haaa!
I turned on BBAD and saw Enzo complaining about cleaning and having to make his bed. Poor guy.
I think Production is making them pack their smelly rags up. I did notice Haydens were all clean, folded. He even ironed a shirt. He has his act together.
Hayden for the win. Pink flamingos for 2nd place.

Enzo will wear a potato sack.

How many showers can Lane take a day? Then he puts on the same dirty clothes.


Hayden actually seems like a nice Guy. He has never been nasty or talk major smack about anyone. Lane also seems nice but reading this blog people have mentioned him being arrested so not as nice as Hayden. Enzo is funny with his one liners but has done so poorly playing this game so he deserves no money! Yo


If you have been able to watch After Dark, you see the real guys. Enzo can be funny but he is one foul mouthed uncouth houseguest…probably the worst in BB history. Everyone seems to flee when he sits in front of any kind of food. His eating habits are legiondary. I liked Lane at first but as time went on, more and more of Lane began to appear. There is an online article about the bad slurs that Enzo and Lane are charged with and although I have seen these things, the article still is an eyepopper. Hayden doesn’t trash talk, he doesn’t backstab like the others…so if it’s between the 3 of them, I am hoping Hayden wins.






Hugabug, it is what it is yo!!!


I wish them all well. Was a good season overall – Britney, Regan …. loved their sharp-tongued humor, Rachel was good for provoking anger & drama and was amazing to see Brendon turn into a major whipping boy for her, and Matt’s lie….wow, never to be repeated by future HG’s I’m sure! Matt would’ve been the perfect player/winner if not for that lie, which he’ll forever be known for now.
As Brendon said to Julie – “being in the house is like being in a really nice jail”, and I can tell the 3 guys feel that way now – they can’t wait for the warden to open the doors!
Personally, I’d love time away from work & family and to not know about the world for a while, but, nearly 3 months is a long time – especially if not winning!
May the best man win and I hope to never see Rachel’s face or hear her laugh again!! Truly, if she’s on All-Stars – could not watch!


I still think Matt’s was a serious game player. I mean, the lie was deplorable, but definitely ballsy.


that lie is not why he was evicted. he was evicted for his many side alliances and not for evicting brenchel sooner.. if it wasn’t for his side alliances that lie would’ve won him 500k


agreed completely plus Haydon taking that $5000 didn’t help Matts cause either…


THE bra-gade wantS out because they are being bored to death!!! and so are we. I would hate to be the advertiser who paid BIG BUCKS for air time thinking there would be larger crowds towards the end. They got ripped off . NO ONE is watching. big snoozefest!

Big Brother could have brainstormed for “plan B ” “plan C” knowing this could happen. Maybe tproduction could switch camera angles more often to make it appear as if something is happening. The BRA GADE is getting muscle atrophy.


the only thing enzo should win is a gift cert. for hairclub for men – family man? really? sure, he talks about his family, but he also talks about other women, about what the role of women are, etc. cbs should show some censored clips from the live feeds instead of the overly edited, heavily biased crap they have been showing


Enzo’s wife tried to paint a picture of him as very hands-on with respect to the baby and the household. Does anyone really believe that Enzo changes diapers and cleans the house and washes dirty dishes? Someone who is accustomed to doing chores tends to keep it up when you plop them down into a home-like environment. Enzo behaves like someone who is accustomed to leaving a trail of filth in his wake and having someone else (wifey?, Mamma mia?) pick up after him.


Maybe Enzo does the laundry, the dishes and vacuum for his wife and child only.
Maybe Enzo didn’t sign on to take care of other grown ass folks, who he’s competing for 1/2 mil.


Actually, I don’t think anyone ever talked smack about Lane because he was invisible most of the game. I think the worst that was ever said about any of the final 3 is that they were throwing competitions, and that was truth, not smack talk. You have to be notable for anyone to bother talking crap about you in the DR, and I think production was interested in making the three of them look good, so if anything was said about them, we didn’t see it.


i agree if it wasn’t for brenchel forming the 1st obvious alliance(being put up 1st because of it) and acting the way they did and turning the house against them from week two on and never made any effort to heal the rift between them and the house, brigade never would’ve had a chance and our ear would be less annoyed by rachel and brendon as week 3 they would’ve been broken up and week 4 or 5 the other would be gone. this obvious rigged and scripted season is almost OVER. Big Brother lost all it’s credibility.

The Excitement

Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, Let’s have a toast for the assholes…


here here


Isn’t that a great song!

dont hate

and a toast for enzo the boos hog, cheers excitement


I agree with you game play. I never heard anything about his father or father in-law being ill till now. Bozo just wants sympathy to get to the final two.




Enzo won’t get any jury votes. There’s an Enzo in everybody’s family; he’s the guy when your very young you think he’s funny but then as you get older, when you know better, you know that’s all he is, all talk. Everyone in the jury house, I believe, feel this way. They just don’t want to be the first person to say something negative about Enzo because everyone think he’s everyone’s favorite.


… when “you’re” very young…


Hey Arby, I meant to file my complain. The last time I went thru one of your drive thru in Souther, IL., and ordered 2 roast beef sandwichs. The meat was shredded. I felt like I was chewing air, not enough meat. However, the Arby store in South STL County was much better. Their junior roast beef sandwiches filled me up.


please….can someone tell me who either hayden or lane plan on taking to the final 2. I’ve been reading all the blogs and havent found any possibilities…HELP…. thanks guys!

Pipefitter local 628

You know i work with a lot of different guys in a lot of different locations across canada .. what is funny to me is that what we see here may not be what they are like out in the real world . see when Iam on the job site and especially if we have to stay “in camp ” I can become an uncouth , loud eating… asshead . and it can take me a few days after I get home to get that out of my system but when I do I become the Proud Father, and Husband Iam. so perhaps before we jump to an conclusions about these meatheads we should remember that they are on BigBrother locked up away from family and friend I wonder how many of us wouldnt loose a little bit of our common sense and dignity LOL


Enzo is freaken awesome though I thought Matt should of won Haydon really screwed him over…