Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney talks about Nick and how good he bowls. Lane says well this isn’t the Nick show.

8:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests for the day. Lane is in the cabana room and Ragan joins him.  Lane runs down where everyone else is and what they are doing …then tells Ragan that Lane is in the cabana room.  Ragan asks Lane when he went to bed and he says it was 3:30 and that there were still people outside.  Lane yells and asks Kathy if the fish have been fed.  Kathy says no.  Lane says he’ll do it.  Kathy tell him that he has to talk to them while he does it.  Lane says that he isn’t going to talk to the fish when he feeds them.  Kathy tells him that she will feed them then.
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Hayden comes into the cabana room and asks Lane to share the blanket he has.  Lane says no its too small.  Then Lanes tells Ragan don’t even say it.  Ragan then whispers in his high pitched voice “That’s what she said!”  Lane leaves the room.  Hayden says that he wants to play for the POV today so bad.  Ragan tells Hayden that he would love for him to win!  That it would be karma to the highest order.  Hayden says yeah!  In the bathroom, Britney takes a shower and gets ready in front of the mirror.  Kathy puts on her make up and Rachel sits there on the couch looking depressed.

9am Enzo is in the kitchen saying I’m about to smash it out YO!  Get the Veto YO! Two hours of sleep YO! Annie the saboteur is back YO!  Britney tells Enzo he’s cracking.  Enzo says that Kathy is definitely the saboteur ….she didn’t do her dishes that how he knows!  Enzo says so who do you think is gonna get called for this veto?  Britney says Enzo!  Enzo says that he wants his chip to say meow meow on it for the veto picking.  Britney and Kathy make fun of Brendon after he walks through the kitchen.  Britney says that they were all fine when other people were on the block and now they all mad and crying… grow up your thirty years old.


Matt and Lane are in the HOH and Matt says so Rachel is being bitchy already.  Lane says its just because she doesn’t have the power.  Matt asks so shes not the saboteur.  Lane says no.  Matt says that he thinks that you couldn’t be the HOH and be the saboteur ….he stops and says wait this doesn’t make sense that it did last night but now it doesn’t.  Matt asks do you think they would give her the power in a couple days.  Lane says I don’t know I don’t think they planned for her to be on the block.  Lane thinks that America is voting on the train wreck …that they picked you because you were a jack ass.  Matt says that Rachel is going to be such a bitch during the competition.  Lane says that he hates cry babies like that.  Matt says that it will be cool to send her home.  Lane says that Brendon is the biggest baby too… where do you find these cry babies.  Lane says that its obvious that Brendon doesn’t even play sports because he doesn’t know how to handle it, no one who cries has ever played sports.  Lane then makes fun of how Brendon was showing Rachel how to bowl last night ….how he had to do everything down to the tee… Matt and Lane laugh.  Lane says that they (Rachel and Brendon) were out there hard coring it for 6 hours.  Lane says that you don’t need to practice like that…. Just a general representation of what it will look like.  Matt laughs and says that the brigade is running everything in the house and that Kathy is the silent member.  They laugh.



9:30am Britney joins them up in the HOH and asks what they’re doing.  Matt says scheming about being the saboteur.   Britney tells them Rachel was in the little room before the diary room just balling for 20 minutes!  They laugh and say really.  Britney says that after Kathy was in the bathroom talking to Rachel and she was crying again.  Britney says that Kathy told her that other people have been on the block and that its just a game.  Britney says that now again this morning she was pouting and not talking to anyone in the bathroom.  Britney says that Brendon is 30 and Rachel is 26 and that they are the most immature people in the house.  Matt gets called to the diary room.  Britney asks who he is going to pick for the house guest choice in the veto.  Matt says Lane or Hayden …it doesn’t matter to him.  Britney tells him that Hayden is really good.  Lane says that Enzo is good too.  Britney then explains that Hayden had said that they had the same game on survivor.  She then explains what the game is going to be like …the feeds cut out.  Britney talks about Nick and how good he bowls.  Lane says well this isn’t the Nick show.   Britney calls Rachel a skank and that shes disgusting.  Britney says again that Rachel is disgusting.  Matt comes out of the diary room and yells for everyone to come to the living room that its time …. All the house guests rush to the living room and the feeds cut to TRIVIA…..
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So why did Ragan accept the deal of being a Sabotour?

Lennon's Ghost

It makes a lot of sense.
Ragan was talking the other night that if there is a guys alliance (Brigade) that his shelf life is likely to be short.
Why not take it and pick up another $20K on top of his stipend?


Well it doesn’t matter who gets picked to play. Everyone is gunning for Brendon and Rachel. As long as Kathy doesn’t play, the house has a 4 -2 chance of winning and keeping noms the same. I hope they both suck at bowling. I’d like Hayden to win and not use it. A little payback for Kristen. Lane is right. You can’t be such a bad sport as Brendon if you have played competitive sports. If Brendon really has competed, I bet its something like synchronized swimming. I can see him doing that. He is such a pussy. Whine whine whine. Last week, Kristen didn’t blame anyone. Hayden didn’t blame anyone. Yeah, they were sad, but they didn’t blame production or say the game wasn’t fair. I can’t stand a bad loser. They are bad winners, especially Rachel, that turn into bullies when they have the power. Last week they were making fun of Kristen, Now that they are where Hayden and Kristen were last week, Rachel doesn’t understand why she should be on the block, it isn’t fair, why doesn’t anyone like me, waaa waaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa. Somebody give those two a little cheese to go with their whine.


you are stupid. You would obviously be upset if the whole house is gunning for you. It’s not as if it just happened once. There are people who have not won a damn competition nor have they been put up on the block but it’s alright for them to hide like cowards and make fun of people on the block. Chloe you are one stupid bitch


FYI… brenchel are not upset for people gunning for them their whining because they don;t have any power to torture the other HGs with like they did both Rachel HOHs wins, and stop pretending there was no reason for people to target them HELLO they are a pair, HELLO they are winning in most the comps, stop your whining, they got what they deserved BITCH


also bitch brencel mad fun of people on the block both times, they haven’t played one bit if “STRATEGY” all “PERSONAL” another reason they are being targeted, but yes continue to hide that fact just because they won 2 HOHs and 2 POVs they can do whatever they wnnt to people ad not have consequences for it….




I agree with you – these people shouldn’t be making fun of Rachel & Brendon. They are just jealous of their fabulous relationship and terrific game play. If they had any respect for the high quality game Rachel & Brendon are playing they would all volunteer to go home on Thursday and Julie could just hand the money over to the dynamic duo and we could all switch over to the Real Housewives of DC or something equally classy.

It’s a freakin’ game already – those who live by the sword well ultimately die by the sword. Rachel is the poorest sport of anyone I’ve seen play Big Brother in a long long time – she’s going to get exactly what she deserves whether it’s her going home this week or “her man” and there is absolutely no way that this woman can win the $250K because she has already burnt too many bridges.


Not cool!! No need for name calling…everyone has an opinion!! Play right!!

Umm ...

Kristen did blame someone. She blamed Andrew. She blamed him over and over, called him a liar, and said she was thrown under the bus.


I am not for Rachel and Brendan BUT they are the only two truely playing the game along with Matt. He is playing EVERYONE in the house. AND after the lie he told about his wife I have NO respect for him! IMO that is not game play. Its plain BULLSHIT! You do not even suggest a terminal illness when you are talking about your spouse! Matt is an idiot!!!


Who’s playing in POV? Obvi Rachel, Brendan, Matt, Ragan…I think I heard Enzo, maybe. Who else? Hosting?


POV picks – will obviously be “Houseguest’s Choice”.
If not, i HOPE Rachel getS Kathy (will love to see rachel’s facial expression), Matt will get Lane or Ragan, and Brendon will get Enzo. I think Ragan should use is “Veto Ticket” – Just to cover his ass – he may be talked into being a Pawn”


oh yeah they did have that game on “survivor heroes v villains”


What a couple of worthless cry babies, Rachel the Skank and Brendon the Idiot Boy are. You would think that they would have more self respect than to slobber and cry all over the house. It really is not too different from their PORN SHOWS, with all the slobbering and smacky noises they are making with their sob fests, sounds almost like when they were having their Porny Sex. They sure have short memories, now that the power has shifted, they forget their reign of terror or should I have said “rain of terror”. Honest to goodness, if Rachel went to college, it must have been at Mickey Mouse University. She can’t spell and she uses the worst grammer. She sounds like someone who is a Bar Maid in Vegas, oh, I forgot, she is VEGAS!!! She must have majored in how much alcohol she can drink, and how many men she can screw, and then screw over.


How can you have no class in picking players for a competition. They are trashing Rachel and Brendon right and left. Ragan is the leader of it. (Did we give him this job?) Apparently Brendon told them to just hang the veto around his neck.
Playing are:
Ragan (Plays automatically with his Veto Pass)
I think Lane is hosting but says he doesn’t want to host. I am not sure on this one.


I bet meathead lane won’t host he can’t read
He didn’t how ti read cause he was out “spotlighting”.
He always sits there a confused puzzled look on his face.
Looks like he has a giant question mark over head in a comic book


OH MY GOD! would the housguest ever stop talking about RACHEL AND BRENDON.
That is all i been reading is them trashing rachel and brendon. I cant wait for either brendon and rachel to win pov and takes Britney Puppet, matt short ass and all the other.
Every houseguest is like obsess with rachel and brendon.
I cant wait till either one of them win. TEAM BRENCHEL!!!!




Veto Players yo.. Rachel, Brendon, Matt, Brit, Enzo (yo), Kathy and Ragan (used ticket)


What’s the veto competition look like?


DAMN they playing against 5 who are all wanting to get rid of them HAHAHAHA, but kathy? thats not so bad still 4 good players against brendon who is good at the game and rachel who sucks at it….cmon brittney,enzo, matt,regan


Britney will win POV if Brendon doesn’t.


everyone hates bren and rach becuz they go on power trips when they win…….the hg keep talking about them becuz bren and rach keep giving them something to talk about …..her being upset during pov practice is just her being a baby …….any time brigade gets power they dont start acting like they run the house …they act normal (even though they act cocky..its only with each other or people who dont matter)


I so want Brendon to win POV so that he can take “his woman” of the block – then when he get evicted Julie can tell him that he now replaces Marcellas as making the dumbest move in the history of Big Brother … and if he wins and doesn’t take Rachel off the block then he can kiss the rest of his life goodbye because she’ll kill after it’s announced that she’s been evicted ….


I REALLY can’t stand when the camara zooms in on Skankface Rachael and she’s giving idiot boy Brendon the STARE!!!! CREEPY!!! I just want to throw-up!!! Thank god for fast forward!!


That really is one creepy stare… reminds me of those interviews with notorious serial killers. It’s what they do when they can’t explain what is going on in their brain cavity. SPOOKY!

Lennon's Ghost

Yo. All grenade weekend!