Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says she hates sharing things …even her blow dryer …even though she knows that its not going to run out of blow. Lane tells her she’s being a beaver!


9:40am Britney, Matt and Lane are in the bedroom talking about Brendon and Rachel making breakfast.  Britney complains saying that she doesn’t want to eat it.  Lane and Matt tell her to just say she doesn’t want any.  Britney says that Brendon and Rachel get mad if you don’t eat it.  Britney says that they put way too much oil on everything, she says that Brendon and Rachel’s staple is olive oil.  Rachel then comes in and ask them if they are going to have any hash browns.  Britney says yeah.  Rachel asks Matt and he says that hes on slop this week he cant.  Rachel leaves the room.  Britney says see….  Lane and Britney then start to argue about the black “fuzzy” blankets.  Lane tells Britney that she is acting like a beaver.  Britney explains how she doesn’t like to share things and that she never has.  Lane asks her what did they talk about her not being the other day.  Britney says a princess.  Lane says yeah you’re acting like a princess.  Britney says that she just hates sharing things …even her blow dryer …that she knows that its not going to run out of blow.  She says that her flat iron isn’t going to run out of heat … she just hates sharing things.  Britney complains that Kathy uses her makeup and then comes and tells her that shes used it.  Britney says that it makes her so mad that Kathy uses her eye liner and then now it has all Kathy’s eye junk all over it. Matt and Lane tell her to say something.  Britney says that she doesn’t say anything because she doesn’t want to be known as the beaver in the house.

9:50am – 10:10am Hayden goes over to Ragan who’s lying in the hammock.  Hayden says that he doesn’t want to campaign against Kristen.  Ragan says well you’re not campaigning against her you’re campaigning for yourself.  Hayden says that he is a stronger competitor physically in competitions.  Hay says that neither of them are going to go after him, Hay says he requested a coup de tat…. neither think that a coup de tat will happen. Ragan tells Hayden that out of respect for both of them he is keeping an open mind for the both of them all the way up until Wednesday night. Ragan says that he is really moved by visual things and that when he (Hayden) was locked in solitary confinement and watched Kristen push her fingers under the door ….that really moved him.

10:20am Most of the houseguests are in the kitchen eating the breakfast that Brendon and Rachel made.  Enzo and Ragan tell Rachel that the hash browns are really good!!  Rachel asks how good, like restaurant quality. Enzo tells her that they are diner quality. After breakfast Ragan and Kristen do the dishes and clean up in the kitchen.

10:30am Kristen and Ragan go into the bathroom and talk. Ragan asks if they have talked about how this season is being played differently than other seasons. Kristen says yeah. Ragan says that this season people are playing a lot of groups of twos and threes. Ragan ask Kristen if she can tell him what will happen if she is evicted, where Hayden will naturally fall into place. Kristen says that Hayden would naturally gravitate to the stronger males. Ragan asks do you think there is already a foundation for it. Kristen says no. Ragan says again you don’t think there is a foundation for it? Kristen says not as much as you think. Ragan asks do you know what I am saying. Kristen says MmmHMm.. Ragan says that’s not exactly what I am saying. Ragan asks don’t you see what Lane is doing? Ragan says Lane thinks he is going to get far in this game. Ragan says it just doesn’t make sense. Ragan says that it just doesn’t make sense to get rid of a big player. Rachel comes into the bathroom and Ragan tell her that he wants her to be privy to the conversation.
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10:30am – 10:50am The Kristen, Ragan, and Rachel all head up to the HOH room to talk.  Ragan says that he is going to be a little strategically vague about what he is going to say … he is going to tell them two things … this is a huge week in the game. This is a big decision that needs to be made on logic and not emotion. Ragan this season is way different than other season with smaller friendships and smaller over lapping groups. Be aware of how next week will play out and who will be absorbed by whom. Ragan says that you have to be observant about who is hanging out with whom. Ragan says again that this is not a week for emotion it is one that needs to be about logic. Ragan say that there’s a really tangled web and you have to look at people who are loyal to who the HOH is, the groups that you observe in the house who is likely to go HOH HOH HOH, the winner of the competition is what pushes loyalty and it’s something that seriously has to be taken into consideration this week.  Ragan says what I would encourage was who hangs out with who, and to be observant as to who the pairs and 3’s are in this game, and that’s the key in my mind this week. Rachel asks so you are saying look at people are in groups of two or three…. And that we should vote based on who will join which groups rather than who is coming after someone. Ragan says what happens to the person that is staying, where does that person fall ….is there a natural fit to where that person falls. Rachel says so basically you are saying Hayden is a more dangerous player. Ragan says that he isn’t saying anything. Ragan says that he’s not trying to be mean but says that he has see Kristen hang out with himself and Kathy. Rachel says where as Hayden is friend’s with everyone. Rachel then brings up the life long friends and thinks Hayden could be life long friends with someone else in the house. Ragan says that he thought Andrew was life long friends with someone in the house. Kristen agrees that she thought that too.

Rachel says that she wont even share this with Brendon that he (Ragan) wants Kristen to stay. Ragan says that this decision isn’t about who he likes more its about what happens next… Rachel says it is purely strategic. Ragan says that its about what happens next …who is burning through this game… Rachel asks do you think they have the metal game to win… Ragan says yes …people have been holding back. Ragan says make observations and think about the next HOH and double eviction week. Ragan says look at who is going to make a run for the end. Ragan asks do I think you and Brendon are in position to win the game.. . nope! There are other people that are better positioned to win this game. Ragan then says that this position would actually stand to benefit him in his game … so he isn’t thinking for himself at this point. Ragan says that the game pieces in this game are twos and threes. Rachel says that she knows that her and Brendon are the next couple to be broken up …and that she knows that other people don’t what to align with them. Ragan says that its not about wanting ….its about what’s better for their game.

Rachel tells Kristen that she has not told anyone which way to vote. Rachel says that she thinks Kristen is way more dangerous, and that Hayden doesn’t think ahead. Rachel tells Kristen that Hayden was trying to make deals with them and that Brendon and her didn’t want to. Kristen says that she is way more up front and that Hayden won’t be and that you won’t know what he is going to do or think. They go over the votes. Ragan says that he is still remaining open until Wednesday night. And that he is just making certain observations about what the game board looks like. Ragan says look at what will happen after and see who will get screwed over. It all comes down to who wins the HOH because once they are everyone kisses their ass … so think about who is poised to win the next HOH. Ragan says that a group of three is scary to him. Ragan says spend a lot of time outside and watch … observe who is talking to whom and who is hanging out with whom. Ragan says that he isn’t going to tell anyone else what he has just told them and that he doesn’t want his name thrown around.  He tells Rachel to talk to Brendon if she wants.
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11:30am Brendon comes up to the HOH room and the room goes silent.  Ragan tells them all that they all really need to observe whats going on and to base their decision off of that.  Ragan says again that he doesn’t want his name thrown out there and that Brendon, Rachel, and Kristen really all need to have a talk. Ragan leaves the HOH room. Kristen goes over what Ragan was saying to Brendon. Rachel starts talking about how she doesn’t trust Kristen. Kristen agrees and says that she understands why Rachel and Brendon up them up on the block. Kristen says that she wont say a bad thing about Hayden but that he will be going to one side of the house where as she has no where to go. Brendon asks so if Hayden says do you think he would keep his word with us. Before Kristen can answer Rachel says that Ragan had said that it doesn’t even matter because he isn’t the decision maker. Kristen says that she is not a floater and that is not the way she is going to play. Brendon says yeah at least they could see where she stands and what she was going to do where as someone who they cant tell what they are going to do …is more dangerous. Kristen says that the lines are not clear at all. Brendon says yeah you cant see who has loyalty to whom. Kristen says that she has loyalty. Kristen asks can she ask since she feels Brendon has an open mind right now …did you already have a decision made up of who you were voting out. Brendon says yeah …you were who we were thinking about but we have an open mind.


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101 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says she hates sharing things …even her blow dryer …even though she knows that its not going to run out of blow. Lane tells her she’s being a beaver!

  1. I personally think that Ragan is hinting towards Enzo, Lane, and Brit…With this watch the three thats hanging out together

    1. doesn’t even matter who he is referring to specifically -the fact that someone is FINALLY picking up on this and airing it- thank goodness! Ragan is by far the smartest in the house

  2. I have to agree with Britney about the not sharing of make-up. It’s just gross .. use your own make-up. And as far as Brendon and Rachel, do they not bathe after they have sex? Then go downstairs and make Breakfast for everyone, that is NASTY! SN: Can’t wait to see what happens on Thursday’s eviction. It would be wild if Hayden gets voted out!

    1. Sharing make-up is gross, potential for infection. Even so, if you want to use something that belongs to another person, ask first! That is something they should have learned in Kindergraten! I hope B/R at least washed their hands before making breakfast!

      1. I would be pissed off if someone did that to me. especially if they didn’t ask! Also, I wouldn’t eat anything that they made.. gross!

          1. Exactly! I wouldn’t eat anything he cooked or touch anything he touched. I would be sanitizing the couch, chairs, pool tables, beds, EVERYTHING! He needs to get his hands out of his pants!

  3. I personally think that Regan is hinting towards that they should be observant of Enzo, Lane, and Brit friendship…They are my faves so it not sitting well wit me at all

    1. typical faggot, gayan is. always stirring shit. just cause he doent fit in hes gonna see to it everyone goes down. I bet if she’s (gayan) offered the sabetour role she’ll accept gladly and even waive the 20 grand.

  4. Sounds like Ragan is the unofficial sabotuer. He is smart and has caught on to what is going on. I know why he told those three, to further his game. He knows he won’t get far with those four guys running the house. I hope this potential change in the game isn’t another dud! I’d love to see the brigade blindsided!

    1. I agree. Hopefully, Rachel and Brendon will see what Ragan is practically throwing at them and make a move on Thurs. and not wait for the next HOH to make a move claiming they already had the votes or they don’t want to be the target or any of the other excuses that have been used this season. It needs to get exciting!

      1. I think they both see it, but like Bredand says, he knows everyone wants he and Rachel out of the house, but Kristen is the only one to say it, and his eyes that makes the others more dangerous, because they won’t say it. But Rachell is afraid to trust K., but she sees it.

  5. Hmmmmmm. Interesting. Maybe Ragan can convince Brit to vote Hayden out, but I kind of doubt she would go against Lane. UNLESS, she realized that voting out Hayden would naturally draw Lane closer to her since he would be losing one of his closest friends…..

        1. yeah, Brit’s not the typical dumb southern blonde like Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, or Kellie Pickler. Brit’s got a brain her hot body. :) that’s legit yo!

    1. Brit, can be convinced, but the only problem is she’s cool with lane and tells him everything. i don’t think ragan will be the one or B/R for that matter to approach Brit. It would be better coming from K. Because Ragan don’t want his name thrown around, and and knows she talks to lane and enzo.

  6. Okay, I’m new to posting to this site, but I read the updates all day, every day. Thank you Simon and Dawg. First, I would like to start out by saying that I don’t think Brit is being a “beaver”. Those are HER things. She was smart enough and brought her own things into the house and everyone else should have done the same. Since they weren’t smart enough, they should do without. As for Ragan, he’s definitely using that degree that he has, and good for him for doing so! He has the capability to talk people into doing tons if he sets his mind to it…Ragan could turn the house upside down! : ) As for Rachel and Brendon, I see him as being far more infatuated with Rachel than she is with him. For him, I think that he truly thinks that he’s “in love” with her and for her I think that she just wants someone fawning over her. It’s a shame that he can’t see it. Kristen had asked Brendon if he had already had his mind made up and he said, “yes, you were who WE were thinking about”. DUDE, it’s as if he doesn’t have a brain of his own…I don’t think Brendon nor Rachel do. It’s always WE won HOH…no, Rachel won HOH and you’re just up there with her because you have secluded yourself so much from the rest of the house that you can’t even be down there with them. I think that’s all for my rant right now, I will probably have more later.

  7. I told you all that same scenario two days ago. I really think Hayden is going to be blindsided. The only way he won’t is if Brit or Matt vote for Kristen. But Brendan, Ragan, and Kathy are going to vote for Kristen to stay.

  8. Ragan is the smartest player in the game, even if he might not be the strongest. He pretty much has the Brigade pegged — minus Hayden, and I love the way he’s covertly campaigning for Kristen without officially saying as much.

    There is only one person that I can see at this point in the game taking over the saboteur role if offered and that is Kathy. She has zero chance of winning and that 20K would do her better than the inevitable zero she’d walk away with when evicted. Then again, I don’t think America wants Kathy to be the new Saboteur.

      1. couldnt agree more. all this side chatter will be just that, side chatter. with the 3 voting brigade members plus britney, hayden is staying. brit was 100% right last night talking with hayden in the hammock… peoples mind is already made up. i like both hayden and kristen though. if the brigade gets hoh, or if b/r go on the block, then its game over for the house…. throw the grenade yo! there has never been an alliance like theirs. they started from the beginning, its a large group, no one really knows about them, they are all on the same page, and level headed. thats not to say i have liked others more (will & boogie). the writing is on the wall…

      2. If, Ragan, Brit, Kathy and Brendon vote Hayden out, they have the majority, not much the brigade can do. I’m not sure Brendon is sold and if Brit would save Kristen though.

  9. Simon, does CBS read this site and take notice to how people feel about the show and this seasons peeps? Just wondering because it would be nice if they did! There might be hope for next season yet………

    Dear CBS, Please help Brit win HOH this week!!

  10. I am surprised that Ragan went to Kristin and Rachel with this info instead of say Kristin and Britney. Kris/Brit/Rag would make a pretty formidable silent alliance providing they can pick it up in the competitions.

    1. I think Brit hates Rachel so much that she would never ever align herself with Rachel, even for big money. Also, Brit has a soft spot in her heart for Lane and would gravitate towards him (and thus the ‘gade…making it britgade by accident.

  11. Matt, you are as creepy as creepy can get. You are the easiest person to psycho analyze ever.

    ‘I’m a genius.’ No, I’ll tell u what u are.

    You are the world’s biggest WANNA BE.

    You wanna be cool – you’re not.

    You wanna have a big package between your legs – which is the reason why you keep digging for gold down there – you don’t. Instead, you probably pull the tip to make sure it doesn’t slip all the way in. I think the same thing happened to Rachel. Yep, she then got implants to distinguish herself from Boy George.

    You wanna be prison tough. You’re not – you’re not even grammar school playground tough – at your current age! You’re all tatted up and you lift weights in the backyard and look at yourself like your an animal! LMFAO! You are a runt. Get over yourself. Holy Napoleon complex!

    And if you were so smart, you would STFU more and just by a permanent clip so you don’t have to reach down there all the time and it doesn’t slide back in.

    1. talk about creepy…your whole post was pretty creepy/sick. Pulling the tip to make it not fall in? Wow. Though Matts obsession with wearing kids pajamas (missing the button flap bottom) and playing with his weewee, next week sucking his thumb and perhaps needing a spanking?

      1. not meant to creep anybody out – wrote the post laughing a little (not a creepy laugh either) I just had enough of Matt’s damn ego that I had to rant – sorry if u didn’t feel it (the rant, not your…oh never mind)

  12. rockstar, keep those ideas flowing — somebody just might read them and add more of the drama which we love — Your idea of 2am contests to create more drama are great! You and jimik need collaborate a BB script for a side-by-side annotated version (like the annotated dracula, the annotations on the side) to be inserted during those boring hours. Little youtube quality instant replays with humor from the dark places. Some days I really believe I’m watching a re-run because I’ve heard it all so many times before. Do they really get braindead and not realize they are repeating themselves?

      1. I’m in jimik. I don’t drink, smoke or sleep around however I’ll do everything else except the latter but I will pretend. hahaha I wanted to do Survivor years ago and of course they do not take Canadians either. I didn’t know at the time but I filmed myself at the tanning salon standing on one leg with my hands over my head for hours. I was a crispy critter at the end but I wanted to prove I could dance and sing and recite Shakespeare all at the same time. haha I am soooooo ready. I would have stayed longer but I was standing on a plastic stepping stool and it melted.

  13. NOW..this is what Big Brother is all about. Trying to understand what is going on and who has a true alliance until late in the game and who is just blowing smoke up everyone’s ass. Ragan is one clever guy…very impressed and like how he did not name names yet. He does not need to yet, if he can get Brendon to vote to keep Kristen. Ragan’s challenge is that the Threegade plus Brittany are still set vote out Kristen, so Kathy, Brendon and Ragan can not vote out Hayden without a defection. Enzo and Lane and probably not Brit will defect. Yet, I think Matt’s vote is in play and I think Ragan feels that it is the case or……..I still contend that Matt and Ragan are the life long friends….so..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This could be one of the best BB moves ever!!

  14. Meow Meow – stop it…

    Now Now

    I’m an Italian Jersey boy too, but that doesn’t mean you have to lay it on so thick. This whole, too cool for school attitude is BORING. You suck at every competition, and numbers aside, the brigade is the LAMEST group ever:

    Lane – Gomer Pyle

    Matt – see previous rant about Matt the runt

    Hayden – personality minus

    Enzo – ‘Yo man, it’s sooooo cool to sound so uneducated. yeah, who needs that learnin’ stuff when you can walk and talk and act like me. I’m cooler than the inside of the pillow.’

    (okay he didn’t say any of that, but that’s what i hear every time he talks.)

  15. Brit is such a coward!!!!!!! Such a pussy !!!!She only talks behind peoples back.
    Just say I dont want any breakfast I can make my own.
    u need to get lazy eye of the house

    1. Yeah, I agree. But, I have to admit her DR sessions are hilarious… Her and Monet made me laugh so hard when they were together.

      1. YEAH!! Will Farrell!! You hit that one on the head! I wonder if they are related…..Im convinced you have to know someone somewhere to get on this show…….

  16. Finally somebody who’s caughting on to the brigade!! Ragan is smarter than i thought! I really hope Kristen stays in the house! the game will get more interesting.

  17. Kristen – will go postal on somebody – someday. there’s something askew with that girl’s wiring.

    Hayden – actually a nicer guy than his initial frat boy persona let on – still a yawner though

    Britney – you heard it here first – she will get an opportunity to be on a future sitcom – i’m telling u – yes, she may come off as a princess from time to time, but she is not a phony person, but realizes she has to be just phony enough to survive with Rachel and the RagTags. Britney is adorable, except for the wandering eye, and she is AMAZING in the dr. She is funny, cute and extremely entertaining. (kathy pay attention!)

    1. eye of the tiger, we’re noticing your comments are getting a little much please keep it 1/2 decent. We let people get away with a lot but some of the words you have chosen to us are not appropriate here.

  18. ODES TO RACHEL (sing along)

    oh where oh where has my va-gina gone; oh where, oh where can it beeeee…..
    you can all borrow it, i don’t give a shit, but soon I’ll need it to peeeeeeee……..

    (Ludicris) How – ho – can you go? How ho – can you go?

    WHAT PLANET AM I ON? Unless CBS said to Brendon: ‘Brendon, we want to give you a chance to be on one of our soap operas. We will put you on the Big Brother show and you must find a love interest and prove to us what a performer you are. Now, Brendon, if you could pull this off with the world’s biggest skank, you got the part.’

    If CBS said that to Brendon, then he’ passing with flying colors. If he really is in love with the walking STD, then his parents should lobby for arranged marriages, bc he has no clue what he’s doing.

  19. Geez! So much has happened in the past few days in that house. (Not that anyone cares – I’ve been spending much needed time with my old gang while they are in town! I’ve convinced them to stay until Sunday!!!!!) But anyway – had some time thought I’d post something of interest. As anyone noticed that they changed the Saboteur/Pandora’s Box catastrophe? At first, the HG who accepted it was only going to get $10,000 a week for 2 weeks should s/he go undetected! Now, they are also going to be eligible, should they go the 2 weeks without detection to continue to the end and play for the $500.000/$50,0000. Apparently, they’ve been randomly asking HG during DR sessions, about bringing back “El Salvador” and would they do . . . . blah, blah. Needless to say none took the bait. (I don’t blame them!!!!) One last thing – the Bridgade has got quite a big “gay” fan-base out in “Bawston”, with Britney in 2nd place!!! It time to flip the house guys!!!!! Obviously B/R are done!!!!

  20. And Kathy says she IS a sherfff, not WAS a sheriff — so why does she want to work for minimum wage “stipend?”

    1. omg – you’re right. she has to be making decent $ with her job – right? I would love if she has us all fooled and is really lying about everything – being broke, being sick, single mom, etc. I would enjoy the taste of foot in mouth if that was the case. Do I dare to dream? Or is she really wasting everybody’s time?

  21. Ok, my turn. Is it it me or are some of these guys plain rude? C’mon. If someone is offering to do the cooking in the house for you, why sit and complain about it? Geesh! Either cook your own shit or take what’s offered.My granny told me long time ago, ‘smile pretty for the camera’ (in other words be gracious). Ok, public service announcement over.

    Now, it seems as if things have gotten a bit interesting with Ragan throwing in that psychological reasonsable doubt thing (meant to make Brendon and Rachel pause) but I can’t help but wonder if CBS Production told him to insert that morsel of doubt for entertainment purposes because I’m nearly 100% certain Kristen is going home.

    This season’s motley crew isn’t capable of shaking things up. It’s as bad as last season where everybody voted with one brain( the house/HOH) so as not to stick out.

    I could be wrong, and if I am,great! I do wish to be entertained otherwise I’m gonna give this one more week and I’m ending it like I did last year with that insufferable Jeff and Jordan.

    1. Are you kidding me? Jeff and Jordan were America’s Sweethearts! even I loved them.
      This Rachel and Brendon couple makes me want to vomit. It’s like Spencer and Heidi. It’s that sickening.

  22. I am sure that AG is going to restrict there use of liquor due to B/R meltdown last night. This ought to motivate them enough to (“get her done”) get Rachel out next week. Brendon is harmless!!!

    1. Dont count on it…….if they didn’t stop Evil Dicks antics they are not going to reign in Roachel! Good or bad it gets the message boards booming and new people start tuning in to see what kinda mess is next! CBS will keep this crap going as long as possible!!

      1. Your right, but he didn’t put anybody’s life’s in harms way! Rachel’s abuse of alcohol is not entertaining. Its sad and dangerous to her health and the well-being of the other HGs. Don’t get me wrong, I not one to piss on anyone’s parade – even Rachel’s – but this is not the first time she “gone off’. OK, she a “pig drinker”, but whether or not she has a problem is not for me to decide (that’s her decision). I am just saying that too many times I have witness situations go way out of control especially where alcohol was involved. Alcohol poisoning and/or lapsing into an alcohol-induced coma are serious conditions.

  23. simon, thx for the entertainment. Donated for August, will donate again for September, you two guys AND some of your more creative posters are better than cbs & BBAD!

  24. Ragan is simply removing the floater target off his back and shifting it onto any other houseguest. With numbers dwindling and given that there are quite a few HGs who have not been on the block, all floaters are being looked at.

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