Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Andrew Gordon would have a “problem” living with Arabs

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By Joe Brooks
(WIREUPDATE) — Racism seems to be button topic for casting this year for Big Brother 12. First we were made aware of racist “jokes” contestant Ragan Fox made on his podcast “Fox in the City.” Now we have the Big Brother’s first Orthodox Jewish houseguest saying something equally outrageous.
In an interview with TV Guide, Andrew Gordon says that he wouldn’t have a problem living with anyone in the house, unless if they are Arabs. “I would have a problem with it politically,” he tells TV Guide.
Big Brother fans are already organizing on several Big Brother websites asking CBS remove him as a houseguest for these remarks, an outrage they lacked when the Ragan Fox comments came to light.
“Shame on Big Brother for casting an openly racist person” writes user megatron1 on Andrew’s living preferences, “I know they need controversial players but there is a line and Big Brother crossed that line this year. It’s hard [to] hold Big Brother responsible for what the House Guests say once inside the house, but [it’s] absolutely disgusting and icky that they cast an open racist who brags about his prejudices to the producers and in the interviews. Shame CBS, shame.”
Another user points out that Andrew’s comments say he wouldn’t want to live with someone he politically disagrees with, which is the same exact thing Ragan Fox has also said in his interviews.
This Thursday Big Brother 12 premieres on CBS at 8/7 central.

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