Big Brother 12 – Lane Elenburg Accused Of Assault in 07

Lane Elenburg Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lane Elenburg and his youger brother are accused of beating on his fellow college football teammate no arrests have been made.

David Saleh Rauf
University Wire
(The University Star) (UWIRE) SAN MARCOS, Texas — The investigation into whether a Texas State football player was assaulted by a former teammate and his brother after partying in Austin will be sent to the district attorney for review, a detective familiar with the case said Wednesday.
No arrests have been made in connection with the Jan. 11 beating of Brian Quackenbush, a junior defensive linebacker.
Quackenbush accused then-teammate Gunter Elenburg, a back-up punter during the Bobcats’ 2007 season, and Elenburg’s older brother, Lane, of assaulting him.
Quackenbush and Gunter were on Sixth Street the night of the


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