Big Brother 12 – Assorted Post Show Interviews, Pics and Rumors


Big Brother 12 the entire season of the live feeds transcribed with pictures. Plus insane discussions from the spoiler crew



Mark Long Interviews Big Brother 12’s Runner-Up Lane Elenburg


Mark Long Interviews Enzo Palumbo of Big Brother 12 at the Vegas Bash




Rumor has it that Hairdo (hayden) was suppose to be interviewed by Kevin (BB11) When he walked into the “studio” he looked at the equipment and told them he can’t do big interviews unless it’s CBS. Hayden agreed to do it but was then stopped by his mom who has been controlling her sons every move. She’s also been open about Hayden shomance with Kristen calling Kristen Trash and saying that her son would never see a girl like that outside the Big Brother House.

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159 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 – Assorted Post Show Interviews, Pics and Rumors

  1. Somebody needs to tell Matt that Al Bundy did that shit (hand in pants) already.
    I don’t know why Ragan hang out with Matt anyway. Ragan, you can’t be that desperate for a friendship. There a plenty of other guys you can have platonic relationships with that you don’t need to settle for this little joker.

  2. Hayden’s mom needs to let her son do things his way, or she’ll find herself being very disappointed. Boys are boys and boys do what they want. No way she can stop Hayden from seeing Kristen, if that’s what Hayden wants. He’s not a minor and she’ll just make him unhappy in the long run.

    1. he’s not even a “boy”. He is 24 years old. He should be able to make his own decisions. Granted, his mom is allowed to have her opinions.

    2. Here’s my best advice to moms of adult sons. Step back – never make your son feel he has to choose between a girlfriend and his mom. Give him the space to experience life. If you have done your job raising him his choices will not disappoint! I’ve seen a few controlling moms put tremendous stress on the mom/son relationship over girls. Not a pretty sight.

      1. Kathie – wow.. I’ve got tons of respect for you with that statement. My bff’s mom is a tyrant. He was the sweetest guy ever. Respectful, graduated with honors, funny, kind, never hurt a soul his whole life. He’s one of those perfect guys that only come around once in a lifetime and his mother would pick on him for everything. He was never good enough. We all had high hopes for him. He cracked from all the stress. It was and still is quite sad. If a mother raises a kid right, instills values and morals and keeps close family ties while treating her children as indivduals with their own unique personalities then she has done her job as a parent.. Actually I’d better shut up before I get in trouble because I seem to tick mothers off with my comments… haha

        1. Kathie and Rockstar,
          As a mother of two full grown boys who are now married. I agree with you both. If you don’t let them choose their own mates, even if it’s temporary, they will never be happy with the choice they make. It was always be under scrutiny. (future relationships)
          People can judge themselves out of a mate altogether if they allow others to make their choices for them.
          BTW.. my boys both chose very well. They have become our daughter’s too. : )

        2. I get it completely Rockstar. My mother-in-law so disappoved of me that she disowned my husband for ten years. They did not attend our wedding nor did they let his sister be a bridesmaid. But she really missed a lot because she raised a son that any mom should have been proud of. And by the by, we celebrated our 41st anniversary just in August!! She made him choose, and he chose me. Go figure.

            1. Thanks BBG – I’d have to agree. Her loss was definitely my gain – great husband, great father, and a wonderful life!!

              1. Kathie – believe me, I know where yah coming from.. can’t say much else because family reads this site too but I’m in the same boat… -hugs-

      2. Kathie, watching my three handsome well educated brothers hook up and marry the wrong women was tough to go through too… they all came out on the other side of these marriages and I’m happy to report that the only misery in their lives continues to be from the ex-wives. We all agree the fantastic kids out of the train wreck marriages were worth it all.

        1. Thanks for the support. Motherhood is not easy for sure. But I do believe that moms do the best they can with what they know. Sadly some moms try to ‘own’ their kids rather than help to launch them into the world. I just always try to remind myself that my son doesn’t have to live up to my expectations,but rather it is my job to help him to develop his own expectations for himself.

    3. Hayden needs to tell Mommy that he has some money of his own now so buzz off and he will see her at Christmas in Steamboat. If she is nice, she might even get a present. Let the guy enjoy his time in the sun, even if it is not long enough to get a tan. If you feel as a Mom you still have to guide your son in his adult life, well, that doesn’t say much of you as a Mother. Set their path straight as a youth and they will know as an adult which way to turn at crossroads without you. Be there to give advice when you are asked but limit giving it when not. Suggestions can be welcome when you feel one is needed but the decision should remain theirs. Refrain, even though it will be hard, not to say “I told you so”. As parents we never want our children to make the same mistakes we have but we all grow from mistakes and how we survive them. Besides, times change and us old folks don’t know the new rules sometimes. Hayden’s mom needs to go home. The guy won the money without her. He’ll pay his school loans and relieve her of that. Believe me, no matter who he chooses as his mate, you will always love your grandbabies. Go home, Mommy, and wait for Christmas in Steamboat.

      1. BBGrandma, I agree that mamas should let their babies make their own mistakes because that’s how you grow (although not grow up to be cowboys, iirc) ….but I wonder how much Hayden actually enjoys and encourages having his mom as his go-between. It didn’t seem that he was quite as eager to jump back into a relationship with Kristen as she was with him — although he was very polite about it.

        1. I wasn’t limiting my comment to just Kristen but also his mother controlling his interviews. Right now I don’t think any girl could expect to be exclusive with either Hayden or Lane. They are getting a lot of attention from all the girls. That you could see at that after party gathering. From the sounds of it Kristen was open for him going for a relationship with her or not. She said it was up to him but she would be happy with being friends. She probably wouldn’t be hurting for dates either. But, I don’t think Hayden’s mommy would like anyone getting between her son and her right now. Maybe she isn’t as controlling as she sounds but if she is, she needs to step back.

    1. He had a meeting with an agent today so he’s making a move in the right direction. . . although we ALL KNOW (because he told us on live feeds) that he was expecting to have calls and offers waiting him when he exited BB. NOT!

        1. Where I live, our local supermarket has pork steak on sale for $1.89 per pound.
          You buy a pound of pork steak and I’ll grill.
          Saint Louis style all the way. We’re country like that.

        2. Rockstar girl, that’s a tight budget to work with but I could come up with and excellent East Indian meal of Rice and Masala Dal ( spicy lentils)… should we send cash along in the helicopter drop?

        3. I’m slightly better off LOL. I have $4.41 in the bank and $2 in cash until tomorrow — but wouldn’t give 1 cent of it to Enzo — I need it much more than him! Tomorrow’s check will go mostly for medical ins and utilities but it will be nice to go to the grocery store with more than $20 to spend.

        4. Rockstar, just give Enzo some cat food. I know you have some of that no matter how low the bank account gets. Mine is low, too. Don’t get another SSD check until next month. Rattlesnake Jake is working an extra day a week twice a month to afford Muc’s vet and meds. But, I can make some really good soup from stuff in the fridge and I will make sure I get it on the copter for the drop. Times are rough for so many of us but I think Enzo will be just fine. He should consider himself very lucky that he is not my neighbor’s cat, neutered and does nothing but curl up and sleep on top of the TV set. The poor cat better hope they never get one of those new flat screens.

        5. Rockstar – $1.89?? Man, I’m thinking if we all kicked in $1.89 we could have an amazing Goodbye Enzo party..You always get better prices when you buy in bulk!!! LOL

  3. Enzo still doesn’t know he ain’t da big fish in the pond. His bragging is pathetic…. and now instead of having to watch him eat with his mouth full, we get to watch those hand movements.

    1. no one forces you to click play, but for some reason you have to watch him knowing how pathetic he is, its like you have to watch him so you can hate on him, now thats pathetic, bunch a haters,just stop clicking on play when you see enzo are going to his twitter,that would solve you haveing to watch him, dumb asses,

      1. Dont hate [sic], if I didn’t know that you were blogging while Enzo was in the BB house, I’d think you were Enzo. Tell the truth, are you related to him?

        1. you would think i was related to him, you haters got me defending him like if he was my haters just get on my nerves, enzo made me laugh alot this season so did britney,so did matt,so did rachel,so did the bra-gade,they all were great entertainment, so when i see a haters comment just hating like an ex abused girlfriend on somebody on reality tv show, its funny to write a dumb ass comment back, and curtain call for bb [hater]] is one of the biggest haters i’ve ever seen,it amazes me how much negativity you spread on these reality tv people, who you dont even know,and if i was enzo, i would say all you haters suck on this doggy dick all night long.

          1. Dont hate, I’m always surprised by the immaturity and hate you spew against commenters. For some crazy reason, you’ve closely identified and associated yourself with a bunch of contestants with WHOM YOU HAVE NO PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP. I criticize some of people (not all) who’ve eagerly gone on a reality show that would film them 24/7 and then said some stupid things while on the show. But even when I criticize them, I don’t use the hateful language that you use against your fellow commenters — and you actually have more of a relationship through dialogue with the commenters than the BB contestants on whom you are fixated.

            1. I so agree with you Curtain Call. Don’t Hate is the worst hater of all… If you go back and read all of his posts, (and there are pages) you will find maybe 3 (correct me, Don’t hate, if I am wrong) that ACTUALLy express an opinion of BB12 instead of spewing. The rest of his stuff is his get-off comments just to get a rise, insult, or be a pissant. The little jerk.

              1. you dont even know what hating means dumb ass, and i say i like all the players, i started off under a different name but after seeing all you fukin haters, i changed it to dont hate just to get under you haters skin, fukin haters,lol

            2. Don’t hate, you do like to get people going, don’t you. You have made me laugh on occasions and just shake my head on some things you type. People get really passionate on here when it comes to their favorites. And, others just love to rally up the troops. But, to those above that think you are just a hater yourself, I have to come to your defense. You have always been nice and protective of me on more than one occastion. So, you are not truly full of hate. You just are a “dumb ass” that likes Enzo. Enzo is the lucky guy here.

            3. Curtain Call, we do have fun on here, don’t we. True, we have more interaction with the others making comments on here than we ever will with the HGs.

  4. If you ever doubted for one second that Enzo is an idiot, this interview confirms it. How old is he?? Who in their right mind would hire him for ANYthing?? Poor “wifey”.

    1. You’re right. He’s 30 and at that age, it’s doubtful he’ll ever grow smarter. He’s that NY/NJ type that has a lot of bragadaccio without much if anything to back it up. I wonder if it’s a defense mechanism or whether his mommy really did convince him that the sun rose and set out of his rear.

      1. see talking about his mommy is just plain and simply being a hater, you need to go get help for being such a hater, you should change your name to love2hate, dont be such a hater, you’ll feel better about life,

      2. You are aware that not everyone is as smart as you, right? So knowing that, why do you insist on talking about Enzo’s level of intelligence? Enzo is not as dumb as you jokers think he is. His street smart, his sense of humor, his social skill got him on the show……..and what were you doing during that time? Sitting back bitching about Enzo any which way you can, but you have yet to accomplished what Enzo has done………and as insignificant as he seems to you, Enzo made his mark. His name is out there.
        Whether he can capitalize on it or not remains to be seen. Nevertheless, he got people thinking, talking and laughing when they speak of his name.
        Not too shabby if you ask me.

      3. I think some of Enzo’s behavior was for laughs in that interview. You will notice that he really gets going when you hear all the laughter in the background. He is playing for that audience and room of people. Whether we think himj funny or not, those people were. I am not a total Enzo fan but I have to give him credit for getting the laughs he was getting there.

          1. A clown is always looking for laughs. They prefer that the laughs be at them. No one wants to be the only one laughing at their own jokes. I think Enzo is being a clown playing for the laughs. But, if you don’t like him, you won’t laugh at all. He had a few laughing.

            1. You are a wise woman, BBGrandma. If any of them go on to do anything as a result of spending a summer letting everyone criticize them they deserve it, yes, even the clown. They all had to sacrifice their dignity at one point or another for our entertainment & curiosity.

              Maybe someone needs to start a separate Fight Club site just for reacting to other posters when they feel like spewing venom to relieve some tension.

              I would also love to see a website called “I hate that ad!” There are a few ads every year that make me crazy angry (like the original Head-On). Now that would be fun. Maybe somebody can make some $$ off that idea and the ad execs can get feedback.

    2. I actually feel bad for him and also lane when they start talking, I just want someone to tell them to stop before they make complete fools of themselves

      1. Michelle, feeling sorry for Hayden & Lane, before they make fools of themselves? Again you’re an expert at scorn disguised as concern. Perhaps some people should stop their lame abd unsincere postings before they look ridiculous…. oops it’s too late for you!!!

  5. Rachel and Brendon tweeted “So its official brendon and I will u stream every night at least to just say hi!!! brenchel”. Also, there was a video from earlier of Rachel and Brendon at his UCLA alma mater. Rachel has a big zit on her chin.

  6. Yall need to stop shunning Enzo. The Meow Meow is always entertaining, and hilarious! I love this guy. Take everything he says with a grain of salt. He’s just playing around.
    I’m glad he won an award. The guy played an awesome game, and he had a huge influence on everyone in the house. All his lingo caught on. He was very entertaining, love him or hate him. The whole house loved him. and so did I.
    Bring the Meow Meow back to All-Stars yo!
    Infact, bring the whole Bra-gade back including #5 “The Blonde”. And bring Rachel and Brendon back just to make everyone vomit with their lovey dovey bullshit.

    1. if we get to vote for all stars again, I will not be voting for anyone from this season, well maybe rachel and brendon to piss off the other housguests

    2. I would only enjoy Enzo in all-stars to see

      1) the changes in his personality since big fame didn’t come
      2) if/how he plays the game differently because he realizes he lost EVERYTHING this season
      3) how quickly the other contestants get rid of him [although they might keep him around and fool him as a side alliance]

      I won’t actually vote for him because he’s just NOT all that entertaining:

      1) he’s not a strategic player (he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without Matt)
      2) he didn’t make any big plays
      3) I find his big talk annoying
      4) he’s too lazy to actually do the challenges 19 mins of the swing! And then he got bored?! When it’s 500gs, you stay on the swing for longer than 19 mins.

      1. You make me laugh! I have to admit that I wondered if his uncircumsized and more sensitive part made it more difficult for him (did they give them cups to wear during the comp?) but still 19 mins!!

          1. Grandma – you’re doing it again… -plugs nose in hopes to keep back the urging.. hahaha thinking of Enzo doing that.. oh dear. hahaha

            1. I’ve been posting too long for anyone to make that comment about me. And, I no longer expose myself to anyone except Rattlesnake Jake.

              1. P:LS stop making such vile comments about BBGrandma! I hope NOBODY is watching BB12 since -as I guess you have not noticed- IT”S OVER !!!! Wake up!

                1. it wasnt toward grandma dodo, it was toward you, i thought you were making dumb ass comments toward bbgrandma. if you werent then my bad.

                  1. Both of you are appreciated by me and worried that I might have been getting picked on. I thought Not Watching Either was making a joke about me and I thought Dont Hate was answering Not Watching Either. But, I think you are both sweet for being concerned about me. Thank you and be nice.

        1. maybe it’s just me but I find those with a turtle neck have a better looking one while the guys with crew necks have unnatural colored ones that kind of look alien.. but that is my taste so to speak. hahaha

        1. he actually started filming the bra-gade movie with lane ,hayden and matt, its like the a team but better, i think there filming in the jungle right now, special guest stars in it to, britney, rachel,brendon, i think kathy is the villian, it looks awsome it might win an academy award, i think ronnies directing it ,and a fun fact is dr will wrote it, janelle makes a quick cameo with jesse and lydia but they get blasted by chima, russell wants to join the bra-gade but insteed enzo brings in jeff and jordan, theres a sex seen with michelle and jerry, i wont give away the ending but i’ll just say cowboy and casey and boogie along with danielle rescue evil dick, i’m giving away to much but it looks awsome.

        1. I would have been surprised if Yo mf had won anything….although he did get ” dirtiest potty mouth” from me along with his eating manners. So glad he didn’t get anything, and don’t want to see this loser in an all stars show since he is not an all-star but a big loser.

  7. Speaking of Chima… 1st of all, she looks really hot in the video. She even looked hot when she was in the BB house last season. It’s great to see her back and in good spirits despite the whole blowup from last year’s fight with Russell.
    But here’s the thing… I think Chima was wrongfully accused of being an evil bitch. If you go watch the tape(on youtube, i guess), you will see that the person to blame for the whole mess is Michelle! Michelle is the one that came up to the room and deliberately lied to Chima & Russell in the HOH room, and that’s what sparked the fight between Chima & Russell. Michelle is an evil bitch.
    An honestly, it reminds me of how Britney lied alot in the house too. to Brendon, to Rachel, to Enzo, etc.

    1. chima is the only to blame for her meltdown, she had a diva attiute and when things didn’t go her way she showed her true colors

    2. Doesn’t everyone keep saying lying is what you do in the BB house to win the game. Michelle lied, but it was to protect herself and her game, b/c Russell had just betrayed her secrets to Chima. From an interview I saw last season, Russell acknowledged his part in all that and actually gave kudos to Michelle for besting him in that situation. Furthermore, I always disliked Natalie’s attitude that it was Michelle’s fault for Chima’s expulsion. Michelle really did nothing but put Chima on the block, Chima thinking of this as a betrayal was crap b/c the two of them were never allied at all. The only person responsible for Chima’s behavior was Chima. No matter what happened or what anyone did, she made her own choices and she is the only one that needs to accept the consequences of them.

  8. Lane is in the background of Enzo’s interview with his arm around Laura, the bikini model from last??? season, and Lydia screaming over everyone to be heard. That was a funny little moment.

    1. I did notice that, too, buddhistgirl. In fact I was watching the people more because I couldn’t understand a thing anyone was saying. My ears are not as good as they use to be but, gee, if just sounded like gurgling to me.

      1. BBGrandma, your okay and it is not your ears, that sound was horrendous. I have speakers hooked up to every orifice this computer has and it sounded like gurgling too! Lane was Mr. Touchy Feely wasn’t he? … and I don’t mean in the shower!

  9. I’m still no fan of Rachel’s, but I’ll give her props for doing some things right post-BB. She’s actively maintaining her fan network via twitter and she doesn’t appear to have totally irrational expectations (unlike Lane, Hayden, and Enzo had.) She tweeted “so I guess I have to find a job if I wana stay in la do I go for a big girl job or cocktail til I can start back at school.”

    1. The break is nice, Dawg and I work crazy hard during the BB season. I usually go through withdrawals for the first couple weeks after the show ends but now i’m just relaxing and enjoying some free time.

  10. Lane and Hayden were on Superpass last night. Interviewed in studio by Missy and Chelsia. I only saw the first hour. Then they took a break, and I had to leave. Does anyone know how much longer that interview went on after that? I’m guessing they probably went on for another hour.

  11. The only reason Enzo keeps on reaffirming that he made the Bragade (as he calls it) is because he has no other major accomplishment in the BB House. It’s his way of showing America that he is important and was not totally worthless. Matt should just stop the conflict regarding who made the BG. 1). He has more glorious moments in the house like winning 2 HOH comps. 2). The naming of the BG and its members was Enzo’s invention, even Hayden gave that recognition to Enzo and conceded that Enzo made the BG.

  12. I’m moving the site to Another server in preparation for the rebuild.. please contact me if something is not working Either via email or if you can the best way is to leave a comment.


  13. DREAM TEAM for a BB season — Russell Hantz from Survivor in the same house with Enzo. Wouldn’t that be something to see? Both have very high opinions of themselves, both thought they’d won something and had nothing (Russell-Survivor itself, Enzo-AC choice) and both are really paranoid about what other people might be doing behind their backs.

    1. i’m perrty sure russell won americas player back to back, russell was the best survivor player ever, he should of won back to back but that was hating at its best.
      and enzo was the best social game player ever in the history of bb,lol
      enzos cool but you cant compare him to russell ,russell was a master jedi. but enzos still the boss.

              1. as far as friends they will never see each other again, I guarantee will and dan have alot more fans than enzo, all the laughter was everyone laughing at enzo because he is a clown

          1. Social game means that you sucked in comps but made up for it through other factors such as creating alliances, manipulating the other HGs and staying low-key to divert the target on your back. Only one person was able to play a pure social game and win the entire game and that was Dr. Will. Dan won many comps so his game was both competitive and social, but Will won zero comps and still managed to win the game.

            1. ya but this dr will wasnt in the house with a bra-gade if so he would of got booted like matt.and it sounds like they were stupid to take dr will to final,hayden wasnt that stupid to take the boss.the best social bb player ever.the bra-gade would of made dr will cry like britney,just accept it.

              1. seems the learning curve has changed the game for BB and Survivor. I’m the only one who thought Dr. Will was sleazy — despite his M.D. But the premier of Amazing Race is tonight right??? Even though there is some “learning” about who to throw under the bus, the sights and the game are still unpredictable, which I love! Plus a tiny view of different cultures is endlessly interesting to me.

                1. did you hear enzos interview , how he hung out with boogie in vegas and that dr will and mike boogie loved the bra-gade, that chill town supported the bra-gade, lol i’m sure that one gets you bra-gade haters mad. that chill town was down with the bra-gade. isnt that awsome!!!

              1. No Michelle, starting from week 6 of BB 10, Dan started to win comps. But Will never won a single comp while in the BB house. Not one HOH!

                1. I just watched season 10 again,dan was throwing comps until it was necessary to win
                  before that he was playing a great social game,
                  I am not saying dr will didn’t have a good social game because he had the best

    2. ehhhh

      russ made 1 and a half seasons of survivor some of the best television of the decade for reality competitions…

      enzo thinks he played the best social game ever or whatnot…he wasnt entertaining, he just talks till he gets a laugh.

      Russ won two America’s Choice awards, and deserved to win the first season, not so much the 2nd.
      Enzo deserved what he got

      1. enzo is the funniest guy that ever walked this planet, even eddie murphey and will ferrell and chevy chase will tell you that.

    3. Russell never won Survivor. You can’t be the best survivor ever and never have won the shebang. I think Russell would chew up and spit out Enzo while Enzo was sucking up to him and being paranoid behind his back — it would be mucho fun to watch! I don’t think either of them would win.

      Nb. I know Russell won America’s Vote. He did make the seasons interesting. That doesn’t make him the best survivor ever. Besides I’m convinced a lot of those votes can be traced back to Russell’s own phone ;).

      1. but he should of won he played the best game its just the voters hated bad, like if i got to vote on the super bowl the saints wouldnt have been super bowl champs even though they played the best i would of voted for the colts just to be a hater on the saints.
        and thats what enzos wife should of done she should of called like ruselles people,
        i was trying for enzo but doing it online was hard, you gotta keep typing in the words over and over,lol

  14. Hi everybody, checking in to see some good & not so good arguments with Simon’s “family” here. I’m struggling with trying to get a new tv hooked up, too many instructions, not enough pictures, but determined to figure these things out for myself without calling in the bra-gade! Phones, printers, ipods, tvs — these don’t come naturally to me. Matt could do it, maybe Ragan.

    1. Electra, I got faith in you. You’ll get it. Listen to me…..I have to call my grandson to hook any of these new contraption for me. And, my husband doesn’t believe in reading directions, so, the grandson has to rescue him as well. Enjoy it when you get it going! I am jealous. I am still watching my Quasar. (I don’t even think they make TVs anymore.)

    2. electra- You can hire me… I can hook a hard drive to your tv and then have it simultaneously show the live feeds on every other tv in your house so you never miss a second even if you pee.. my whole house is hooked up.. but I’m a little nutty when it comes to technology and I’m totally addicted to tv.. just be calm, read over everything a few times, lay everything out, know the names of every cord etc and you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed.. I couldn’t do anything because I’d panic.. once I calmed down and took it like a science experiment, it was easy. good luck..

  15. I would love to hire you, but I’m not paying for travel expenses! After another couple hours calmly re-reading and re-checking (I am patient) I called the cable company and there was a step not listed in the tv setup instructions and it took all of 30 seconds to have it running. I can tell you are capable & intelligent, but dang it girlfriend you’re in Canada!
    ….And BBGrandma, not sure what quasar is, but you’re right, they haven’t sold conventional big box tv’s for several years. You’ll be amazed when you take the plunge, but Muc is more important, I understand! Hope you can get around and get supplies after your flood rockstar.

    1. thanks electra – the military showed up last night with gas.. We didn’t get any because I was afraid to keep the vehicle running for a few hours in a line up when all we were allowed with was 20 dollars. hopefully they’ll be back soon.. still no food, bread, milk etc but fingers crossed the sick and injured can get out and get cared for.. our lovely politicians flew in by helicopter, had their pictures taken and left. not one bottle of water or snack bar or first aid kit to be seen. oh well. I will be even more prepared next time..

      1. so you are not in a metropolitan area I gather (but how would I know the extended weather — I just got my new tv working). Ok then, I guess I’ll have to pay for transportation, you can live here and be my personal assistant/slave/friend and be very well taken care of and fix my electronics and paint my house. Your animals and significants will have a place to lay their weary bodies and work as well, but you are limited to 10 ‘others’ and they need to get along with all of mine. I’d be set unless the power went out, 2 full freezers and no generator. Joking aside, it must be rough, especially the ‘not knowing’ part.

      2. Rockstar, are you still without supplies there? What is with the Çanadian Govt.? Are they taking a page from George Bush and his handling of Hurricane Katrina? I am sorry you are still going through that crap. Good luck! Thinking about you.

        1. we were lucky and gas arrived on Saturday night even though I didn’t and a great deal of people didn’t get any because we couldn’t wait in a two hour line up.. I said the military were here on Saturday, it wasn’t true. A ferry brought the gas into the harbour, the military came this afternoon. When I saw the 4 convoys this evening arrive it was all really young people. I swear there were no military over the age of 24. As of 5pm this evening aid still had not arrived 7 days later to a great deal of people even though the media were reporting help was on the way. They are repairing the main bridges now but there is a lot of damage done that we’re all afraid to drive down the street because we can see pavement but there is nothing in under it. It’s a big mess. We’re hoping to get our basement finished this weekend. Everything has to go, furniture, computer, tv etc..

          1. geez, wish i knew of a way to help you — I could take all of you in, but it wouldn’t fix the bigger problem. Me and BBG will get you a new ID as our family. Please bring simon, I want to give him brownies and whoop him upside the head.

            1. You bet, I will claim Rockstar as one of my kids. She is always welcome in my gang. Rockstar, I hope things are getting better for you everyday. I am thinking of you and hoping for the best!

          2. Hey Rockstar, isnt it strange when our country can send millions to Haiti, but when its one of our provinces that are hit, well its just them, and if Ottawa is all good then things are fine. I got a spare room here, and your welcome to it but it has a peep hole that I will be using, lol. Seriously though, take care and my thoughts are with my Newfie brothers and sisters, your a tuff bunch and you will get through this. Mary Browns for life.

            1. canadian fan – we’ll see how this all plays out but I doubt even the money that is being raised locally will even show up in the community. I have no faith. I am really sad that money hasn’t been pouring in from anywhere in the US – (our people were on the front lines during 911) and from other countries. Even the Red Cross were not here for us but went to the US when they were needed but didn’t show up for us when we needed them.. We certainly got told where we stand in the pecking order during this time of crisis.. If we would have had another few inches of hard rain, we would have been decimated. It’s the worst storm ever since the tidal wave back in ’29…. I’m now in the process of building a boat that doesn’t sink and doesn’t tip.. Screw the space program, we need to go aquatic

              1. Rockstar, the US promised a billion to Haiti but we have never given it to them. It is held up in Congress. So, don’t believe us if we promise anything. Now, if you have Oil, we might give you something or just bomb you. Of course, we have a problem with too much oil in the Gulf right now. That was with some help from the British but they aren’t keeping their promises either. I hope they can get their acts together and help in all areas that need it. And, I hope they start in your area first. Please keep me posted and if I can do anything from here, please do not hestiate to ask.

          3. Rockstar, I am sorry to hear your story has no happy ending! Geez, mother nature is a real bitch sometimes… I always say that water is the most powerful thing on earth… it moves soil, puts out fire, suffocates air and ruins a hard working Canadian family’s home. I cannot believe Canada has not requested help from the U.S. I am a news junkie and I have not heard a word about this disaster here on the West Coast of the U.S. Hang in there… hope your house insurance covers the damages. Thinking about you. : )

            1. thank you Grandma and thank you buddhistgirl … I am very lucky. What I lost is nothing compared to others. I’m not homeless so I have to thank my lucky stars.. I don’t know what I would have done with my family plus my furry family if something like that would have happened.

              1. I guess you have to take time to appreciate the small and large good things that come out of chaos. So happy you have your home, though damaged: your health, though stressed and your family. Winter hasn’t even hit, and all of this has happened in September!??? I guess you’ll be glad when hurricane season ends this year. Thinking about you up there.
                You bring up a good point though… where does one move with 3 cats, a big dog, 7 chickens, and tons of fish??? I hope I never have to think about an answer to that question. Cheers!

    1. Every other reality show has a reunion show and I always wonder why BB doesn’t have one? I would definitely watch it. I guess the Amazing Race doesn’t have a reunion show either. Oh well, we can hope.

  16. Haven’t seen much of the Brigade on regular TV – don’t they usually hit shows like Regis & Kelly, Letterman, Leno, etc.?

    Also, any word if Hayden will pay for Steamboat in January for Lane, Enzo and Britney?

  17. PLEASE someone tell me. Does Brendon think any ole somebody with a doctorate (PhD) can practice medicine? He tweeted, “Dine at Chili’s tonight. 100% of the proceeds go to St. Judes Children Hospital. Where I will hopefully one day work. ” I’m joking — I know that he intends to use his physics PhD to help with medical treatments but the boy seems pretty clueless assuming that he’ll get a position at St. Judes.

  18. Could someone pleaseee tell me where to get that green flannel shirt hayden wore? My wife keeps telling me to find out, she LOVES it. I keep telling her “honey, it will NOT look like that on me” but she still wants me to get it! I have to bet that SOMEONE on here has to know where to get it, you all seem to know EVERYTHING about this show!

  19. OMG!!!

    You guys are still going strong!

    I bet Russell wish he had of tapped Chima, she is hot! That was without a doubt, the best interview ever in BB history! Meow Meow should have his own show or something, he is cool as the other side of the pillow.

    Chima, if you’re reading this give me a call!? If you need my number, just ask here and I’ll give it to you. You’re so freaking sexy I can’t stand it!

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