Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The 4th Big Brother commercial!!

Here is the 4th Big Brother 11commercial!!! Just over 5 weeks until the premiere of the most anticipated reality tv show airs!! EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!! What twists or secrets does CBS have planned for these new house guests and for us?? What do you think this 11th season twist is?? Favorites vs. rookies? Girlfriend & boyfriend teams? Ex-lovers/friends? Americas favorite twist returns? Playboys vs. Playmates? Jocks vs. Nerds? Bullies vs. The bullied? D-list Celebrities vs Favorites? Or may be the twist is that there isn’t going to be a twist this season… who knows? What do you think?

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why do you think they aren’t putting the ’11’ in the house box?

don’t they usually?


I think they should have Survivor Favs on BB and visa versa!! Now THAT would be fun to watch!!


i thank its going to be a fan vs favortes this time


I totally want it to be fans vs favorites! I think theres going to be 13 houseguests though so not sure how that will fit in maybe 7 fans 6 favorites..

check out this post i did earlier today