Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Post POV Madness, Jeff Freaks About Russell “He can go up there and F*ck*n jerk Jessie off “

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Storage Room Laura and Russell discussing the POV. Russell explains what his tactic was. He feels confident that he will win HOH and if he does he wants Laura to know that she is safe next week. He tells her that whoever puts him up on the block he’s going after them….

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:05pm HOH Natalie, Laura, Jesse and Russell – Russell and Jesse are really excited that Russ won the POV. THe POV compeition had to do with finding letters and spelling a word. The Dictionary that was given to the Hosueguests earlier in the day has part of the compeition. The four wonder if perhaps Ronnie threw the compeition. Laura “he’s an electronics tech guy, no way he couldn’t win that one”. Russell shares his tactics which led to his victory, “I took as many letters he could so other’s wouldn’t get them”. Laura says her and Natalie are the strongest girls, with Jessie and Russell are the strongest men, so why wouldn’t she align with them. She promises her loyalty to them But if they F*** with her she will F*** with them. Laura tells Jessie that the reason the girls want her out is because “I want Jeff’s nuts”.Natalie wants to string Lydia along and give her hope. Jessie doesn’t think this is a good idea and not a good way to play the game.

Ronnie walks in, He talks about POV with them saying he would put down the answer and then go back and spell check. He saying that he had his word 3 or 4 minutes before everyone else had it but spelled it all wrong.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:22pm Pool Room Braden And Lydia- Lydia tells him that Jesse hasn’t said who he wants out. Braden thinks its going to be Chima, Lydia doesn’t sound too convinced. Jordan comes in and says Lydia got Russell’s vote. Braden asks if lydia has Jordons vote. Jordan says yes Lydia is my B-F-F. J Braden tell’s both they are on his team.

Jeff walks in and starts freaking about Russell he is made because Russell didn’t give Jeff a glass of wine but gave Ronnie a glass. Plus Russell and Jesse left him out in a HOH meeting.

  • he hates Russell
  • Russell is a homo
  • He goes and sucks Jessie’s dick
  • Russell is a Fuck*n Dork
  • he won the Fuck*n thing and now his ego is so big
  • Russ can go up there and Fuck*n jerk Jessie off
  • Russel thinks he is strong because he’s a fighter I wanna punch him

9:30pm HOH Laura and Jesse – Laura is complaining about how much her team sucks. Saying her team doesnt talk to her and Braden just says “we gotta win” and Jordan doesnt even care shes here just mopes around. She says that Braden and Jordan ” just want to be here to be on TV ” Laura reiterates that she wants Lydia to go because she is playing the game.
Laura tells him that Lydia was her friend at first and then she made other friends and doesn’t talk to Laura anymore. Laura says Lydia and and Casey are close now.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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