Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Mystery Houseguest: Sheila, Jessica or Brian?


Although not confirmed there is a lot of speculation that the mystery player will be a former houseguest. The evidence is pointing towards it being either Sheila who lasted 77 Days in Big Brother 9. Jessica a Big Brother 8 Alumni who is known for being involved in “the cutest couple of Big Brother History” (Dawg) and finally Brian Hart from Big Brother 10 who lasted a WHOPPING 9 days.
The first bit of evidence is recent posting on Stevens (BB9) myspace page stating that he’s pissed off about not getting chosen as the mystery guest and that Jessica BB8, Sheila BB9 and Brian BB10 have mysteriously disappeared hinting that they are the choices for the mystery houseguests.

I have to say I am not impressed with the houseguests. Hopefully they will be more interesting in person then they are in their Bio’s. Also Robyn, I am so dissapointed that you brought back another sterotypical Bitchy Fag, I really thought BB had moved past that, I think everyone is really, really over that character!

Mystery Houseguest, LOL… Recycled theme means Recycled Housguest, how boring is that!! And by the way, why is it that my friends such as Jessica BB8, Sheila BB9 and Brian BB10 have mysteriously disappeared??? If you guys read this contact me I am worried, it is as if you have taken somewhere that has no communication with the outside world????

I was hoping BB would make it long enough to have an another All Stars that I could possibly try out for, but with this lack of originality and brining back those same boring personality types, this will surely be the last year…

Brian Hart Big Brother 11 Mystery Houseguest Evidence

When the cast was officially released on the CBS website the underlying HTML had references to “Brian”. As you can see theres entries for other houseguests like Russell. This Snippet of HTML code (href=”/primetime/big_brother/bio/brian_11/bio) hints that Brian is the mystery houseguest and someone working on the site just messed up and didn’t mask the folder name.

div class='cast-image-container">a cass="genericCast" target="_parent" 
 href='/primetime/big_brother/bio/russell_11/bio.php?season=11">img src=
" /big_brother/images/content/cast/bb11_russell_60.jpg"  
Russell/a>/div div class='cast-image-container">a class="genericCast" target="_parent" 
href="/primetime/big_brother/bio/brian_11/bio.php?season=11">-->img src="https://wwwimage
/primetime/big_brother/images/content/cast/bb11_unknown_60.jpg" border="0" alt=" 
 Mystery House Guest - revealed July 7th" title="Mystery House Guest - revealed July 7th"/>


Below is how the HTML looks now…. Proof that Brian is the Mystery Houseguest? They changed (href=”/primetime/big_brother/bio/brian_11/bio) to (href=”/primetime/big_brother/bio/bb11_unknown/)

div class="cast-image-container">a class="genericCast" target="_parent" href="https://www
img src="
/cast/bb11_unknown_60.jpg" alt="Mystery House Guest - revealed July 7th"  
title="Mystery House Guest -revealed July 7th" border="0" width="60" height="64">???
/div">img c=
alt="Mystery House Guest - revealed
 July 7th" title="Mystery House Guest - revealed July 7th" border="0"
 width="60" height="64">???


Sheila from Big Brother 9 Mystery Houseguest Evidence

Sheila stated on her myspace page that she could be going on Big Brother….. she’s also a crazy so i’m not sure to believe this one.


Jessica from Big Brother 8 Mystery Houseguest Evidence

Hmmmm only evidence we have so far is Stevens myspace post….
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