Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Michelle pooped on the Toilet Seat and now Chima is pissed

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


11:00pm Backyard they are playing “music” using an assoetment of instruments made with random household items. Michelle gets pretty wild and starts dacing in her bikini. Ronnie, Russell. Jesse and Lydia are getting ready to play a chugging game were they will chug a gallon of water. Jesse says he’s going to puke all over…. Feeds are cut….

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:40pm Backyard Looks like they chug until you puke game isn’t being allowed by the producers. Natalie and others are talking about how they can’t believe that Braden called Julie Chen a hoe. They go on to discus how powerful her husband is, how he owns Viacom.

11:50pm Backyard Michelle, Ronnie, Russell, Russell is freaking out because the camera is on him and is zooming in… he gets up and leaves. Michelle asks Ronnie if he’s tired, He say no way.


11:58pm Kitchen Michelle. Chima, Kevin and Natalie, Michelle and CHima fighting about there being shit on the toilet seat and Michelle is being blamed for it. Chima is saying its probably her ass that was shitting all over the toilet. Chima says I would be pissed to if i shit all over the toilet. Natalie ask Chima to stop talking about the toilet shit. Chima goes on and on about Michelle. Chima says if they show this on TV everyone will be on my side.. later outside Ronnie, Chima and ROnnie snicker about Michelle, Chima says why did she come up to me about it in the first place thats why I think it was her. They all act like it was Michelle


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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